Exit, Pursued By A Bear

I’ve put this off for a long time…

Sadly this will be my final post for The Wax Fantastic! You probably saw this coming for some time but I just wanted to go and make it all official!

When I first started this blog off just over two years ago it was with the lofty aim of uniting UK-based sports card collectors. Along the way I’d like to think we’ve got some way to achieving that somewhat ambitious and over-sized goal.

I say ‘we’ as it’s certainly not something that I’ve been solely responsible for. Over time I’ve met dozens of of like-minded collectors, both here and overseas, and I’d like to think that we’ve made some huge strides in bringing together our somewhat fragmented collecting community here in the UK.

I’ve also been blessed to have made several new friends through this blog – contact via the wonders of Social Media, or even in person, has meant that I’ve been able to reach out and share in the anecdotal lives of numerous other card collectors. Building relationships in this way has simply highlighted what a great community we’re all part of. The levels of trust, honesty and integrity that I’ve come across on my travels have had an incredible impact on me over the last couple of years, and I’m proud to have been accepted into this community; accepted as one of you!

However I’ve now decided to move on from baseball cards.

Over the last 12 months my interest has slowly waned in the modern baseball card and what it stands for. I no longer see any innovation in what Topps is producing. The same products seem to get released year after year with nothing more than a fresh lick of paint and a couple of extra bells and whistles. If we do get ‘new’ products more often than not they’re of the over-priced, high-end variety… Out of reach for those of us with the more modest of card budgets.

It’s easy to blame this stagnation on the exclusive licence agreement that Topps has with MLB, and many will. It’s incredibly simple and straightforward to bash Topps over the perceived state of the hobby, but to what end? Back in 2010 Topps stated that their aim was to bring kids back to the hobby – I’ve never seen nor heard of any evidence of where this has happened. The most ‘innovative’ of the products that Topps has given us recently is Topps Bunt. Thousands love the idea of digitized card collections and flocked to it in droves. Personally I thought it was all a pile of shit, but that’s just me 🙂

I like a lot of what Panini has done with baseball cards but feel they are shackled by a lack of licence with MLB. Without that in place I don’t feel that collectors will ever truly embrace Panini as a baseball card manufacturer. That might be why their business model has taken them down the route of an exclusive licence with the NBA and the NFL.

However please don’t misunderstand. I still think that Topps produce some beautiful looking cards. It isn’t all about the ‘evils’ of Topps and the current state of the hobby. Other factors such as increased overseas shipping costs from the US and a general lack of disposable funds have both played their part in this decision to leave the hobby right now.

One day I may well come back, but if I do I feel that I’ll only be looking at cards and products that were released prior to 1980. Old cards still grab my attention and who knows when I might dip my toe once more into the waters of vintage card collecting?

So for now I’m gone. Stick a fork in me, turn me over… I’m done!

All that remains is to thank you all for your support. Your comments, critiques, honesty and good humour will be something that I’ll treasure for a long time.

The Wax Fantastic will still live on as a blog! It still gets around 30-40 views a day and there’s still a lot of interest in some of my old posts around the pitfalls global shipping and dealing with eBay. I just won’t be posting anymore.

The Twitter account – @TheWaxFantastic – will also still be active but I’ll probably end up deleting that in due course. 598 followers as well! Who’d have thought it?!

I won’t be leaving the world of blogging completely though. I’ve had too much of a good time putting voice to my inane ramblings over the months, and I have too many interests that occupy my thoughts on a daily basis, that I still wanted to share some stuff with anyone out there that’s prepared to listen. And with that in mind my new blog was born…

Andy’s Big Blog O’Stuff 

I’ll be covering pretty much anything from popular culture – films, books, TV, games, sports, and so on, and so on! Hell, we might even squeeze in some baseball cards from time to time – stranger things have happened 🙂

So if you feel like dropping by to shoot the breeze, chew the fat and crack the wise then click on the above link and hit the follow button (top right at the moment, until it no doubt moves). I’ve not posted anything just yet, and the design format may well change, but you’ll get a notification through each time I put up something new.

So it’s goodbye from The Wax Fantastic for now! If anyone arrives here looking for details on UK-based card collectors then please head on over the the Yahoo Group that’s looked after my good friend, Glenn Codere. Here’s the link – UK Sports Cards

I’ll still be stopping round there occasionally, just tell Glenn I sent you 🙂

My new Twitter account is @50ShadesOfBates

Give me a follow and I’ll follow you back!!

Take care all and thanks for the ride. It’s been a blast!



A Death in the Family

I awoke a little earlier than usual this morning. Checking the time on my phone, perched on the cabinet next to my bed, it read 5.20am. My alarm wasn’t due to go off until 6.30am so I prepared myself for another hour of shut-eye.

I noticed a ‘greater-than-usual’ number of notifications from the various sports apps that I have installed, and figuring there would be something interesting about Game 5 of last nights World Series I clicked on one of the links. It took couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the small writing on the overly luminous screen; a couple of seconds to focus on the headline that greated me via The Bleacher Report – Cards’ Oscar Taveras, 22 Dies in Car Crash

It’s now over 12 hours later and I’m still trying to process the news that accompanied that headline, still trying to get my head around the fact that a young ballplayer and number one prospect for my favourite baseball team wouldn’t be putting on his jersey and running out with the rest of his teammates next spring.

I always find it an odd feeling when trying to process the death of someone in the public eye, particularly when it’s someone whom you feel you have a connection to, however small or tenuous it might be. I didn’t know the guy – have no real reason to truly mourn his death in the same way I would someone close to me – yet for some unknown reason I still felt an oddly profound sense of loss.

Oscar Taveras died in a car crash yesterday afternoon (Sunday) in his home country of the Dominican Republic. Another passanger, identified as his girlfriend Edilia Arvelo, also died in the accident. They were 22 and 18 years old, respectively!

I’ve had the misfortune of seeing a picture of the wreckage, and to be blunt, it was a fucking mess!!

Social media exploded with the news during Game 5 of the Giants-Royals World Series and the rumours were soon verified by Major League Baseball, the St Louis Cardinals and various other sources. It was Giants’ catcher Buster Posey who perhaps summed it up best when he said “I heard about it in the fourth and had a sinking feeling in my gut. My first thought was, this game is not that important”!!

I’ve been a Cardinal fan for the last 13 years but I only became aware of Taveras a couple of years ago when I turned my baseball card collecting interests to the world of prospects. I even posted about him in February of last year – Prospect Watch: Oscar Taveras.

When a young sportsman like Taveras is taken from us far too early you will often be deluged with words like ‘potential’, ‘promising’, unrealised’… but a tragedy such as this goes far beyond sports. Something like this no longer stands as a baseball story, instead it becomes a very human story!

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny issued an incredibly moving statement this morning that better sums up anything I could ever say about the untimely death of his young outfielder –

“I was asked last night to give some words regarding the tragic death of Oscar Taveras, but I just simply couldn’t.

“First of all, it felt like a bad dream that could not be real, and when reality kicked in, my words didn’t even seem to make sense. To say this is a horrible loss of a life ended too soon would be an understatement. To talk about the potential of his abilities seemed to be untimely. All I wanted to do was get the guys together and be with our baseball family. I know the hurt that comes along with buying into the brotherhood of a baseball team. That hurt is just as powerful as the joys that come with this life. Not to say it is even close to the depth of pain his true family is going through, but the pain itself is just as real. The ache is deep because the relationships were deep, and forged through time and trials.

“To the many fans who have already reached out with condolences, and to the many more who are in mourning, thank you for taking these players in, like they are one of your own. This level of care is what sets our fans apart.

“In my opinion, the word “love” is the most misused, and misunderstood word in the English language. It is not popular for men to use this word, and even less popular for athletes. But, there is not a more accurate word for how a group of men share a deep and genuine concern for each other. We loved Oscar, and he loved us. That is what a team does, that is what a family does. You will be missed, Oscar.”

When I first came across the name of Oscar Taveras I promised myself that I’d follow his career as closely as I possibly could. This young man was the future of my favourite baseball team, after all.

I was excited when he made his major league debut on May 31st 2014; cheered when his first official major league hit was a home run over the right field wall at Busch Stadium off the Giants’ Yusmeiro Petit; suffered the ups and down during his rookie season as he struggled to find his stroke against the upper echelons of MLB pitching; got frustrated when he was benched for extended periods as he failed to find his feet and live up to the lofty expectations that were imposed upon him by almost everyone who had an interest in seeing what Oscar could do in baseball. I even treated myself to a wry smile as he smacked pinch-hit home run (once more against the Giants) in a 5-4 Cardinals win in Game 2 of this years NLCS. That was on October 12th 2014.

Two weeks later he was dead. That home run was the final hit of his career.

It saddens me that we’ll never get to see Oscar Taveras power the Cardinals to the World Series; it saddens me that we’ll never get to see the talent on display that made him one of the top rated prospects across the whole of baseball over the last few years; and it saddens me that baseball will no longer be graced by one of the biggest and brightest smiles in its long and storied history.

Rest In Peace

Oscar Francisco Taveras



Waxing Cynical

There’s a well known and often used quote from Oscar Wilde that goes as follows –

“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”

This was one of the first quotes that I ever read as a (much) younger man that actually got me thinking about what the author was trying to convey to the reader.

The notion of ‘price’ and ‘value’ are intrinsic to the universe of collectibles, and never more so than in the world of baseball card collecting. You see, ‘price’ and ‘value’ can mean very different things to a lot of different people. For some there is a clear distinction between the two ideas; some will see a slight overlap, while for others they are virtually interchangeable.

I’ve written a fair few pieces since I started this blog concerned with why we collect baseball cards and what means to be a collector. I’m fascinated by the ‘philosophy’ of collecting – what drives us to collect in the first place and what our collecting goals actually are, and one of the most interesting things about the Hobby over the last couple of decades is how there’s been a shift in emphasis in how we perceive the ‘value’ of the baseball cards that we all love!

Last week I read this really fascinating article by Rich Klein over at Sports Collectors Daily regarding our expectations around what we find when opening a box of baseball cards. Please give it a read by clicking on the link below and I’ll see you when you get back…

Rich’s Ramblings: Do Consumer’s Have a Right to Expect Secondary Market Value?

All done? Great stuff! So what did you think about some of the ideas that Rich plays around with there?

Personally I think he hits the nail on the head! As collectors we’ve become a group where the prospect of scoring that big ‘hit’ from a box of cards has become paramount. I wonder how many collectors out there bust open boxes wax and don’t even see the cards for what they are, instead they scour through each pack in eager anticipation of the treasures that lie within, with each card they come across automatically being given a $ value based upon past experience and anticipated secondary market value?

It reminds me of an old episode of 30 Rock called ‘Apollo, Apollo’ where we get to see the world through each character’s eyes. Tracy sees everyone as himself, Kenneth sees everyone as Muppets, while Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy sees everything with a price tag attached to it highlighting its monetary value.

Is this what collectors are becoming? Or maybe this is what they’ve already become? Sure we shell out a fair amount of money for a box of baseball cards in the first place, but if your main expectation is to get a solid return on your purchase then surely you’re opening that box for all the wrong reasons?!? I know that all collectors don’t fit this model but I get the impression that it is becoming more and more commonplace for collectors to behave this way.

Media such as Twitter doesn’t necessarily help as you will often see collectors showing off their ‘hits’ for everyone else to see, like some kind of badge of honour. In itself there’s nothing wrong with this and it’s great to share in other collector’s success stories. However no-one ever gets to see the ‘smaller’ cards as no-one is ever interested in that sort of thing. Personally I’d much rather see images of several cards of lesser stars that are going straight into someones lovingly built PC, as opposed to a single big hit like a BGS slabbed orange refractor autograph of the latest top prospect!

In fact I often feel that prospect collectors are among the worst culprits for this sort of thing. And before you say it, NO I don’t hate prospect collectors in the slightest. I’ve met some truly wonderful prospect collectors out there in Hobby-land, through either my ramblings on Twitter or through this very blog itself. Chasing prospects just isn’t a type of collecting that’s for me, however I feel lends itself perfectly to the point I’m trying to make!

I appreciate that we all have different ways of collecting, but whenever I see those high value prospect cards in their PSA, SGC or BGS slabs I can’t help but think of them as commodities rather than valued collectible pieces, and I often wonder if that’s how their owners view them as well. The simple fact that these cards are graded often speaks volumes as to how these cards are perceived by collectors. Lets face facts, the higher the grade the greater a cards potential value.

For me the true ‘value’ of a baseball card comes from the collector having a ‘connection’ to their card or their collection. Whether that connection is grounded in some sort of emotional context (the love of a team, the love of a specific player), or simply because the collector has an appreciation of a card itself (such as the its overall aesthetic, or perhaps its historical significance to the game or the Hobby), I can’t help but feel that a card or collection should mean something that goes beyond the perceived monetary value.

Has the hobby embraced the view that unless you somehow get a return on the initial cost of your box then the box itself and its contents are in some way judged to be a failure? For the Hobby to thrive collectors surely have to look beyond the notion of flipping their hits to make money. We’re all guilty of wanting the big ‘hit’ from our Hobby boxes and often I’m no better than anyone else in this respect, but it’s important to remember that there are probably somewhere between 200-300 other cards in a Hobby box that aren’t ‘hits’, and these cards are worthy of your love and attention just as much as the ‘hits’ are!

Of course I could well be totally off-base with this, but the more high-end products I see entering the market (the upcoming Topps Supreme or Topps Dynasty anyone?) the more desperate I feel. These types of products provide the perfect outlet for flipping cards for profit, propagating the notion of the ‘collector-as-a-dealer’ (or EADS as described by Rich in his article), for anyone who can afford to buy these often ridiculously priced products in the first place.

Have collectors become the type of cynics that Oscar Wilde wrote about all those years ago, knowing the ‘price’ of what they collect but failing to see any ‘value’ other than what it might be worth on the secondary market? Maybe one day soon we’ll see another shift in the Hobby, a shift away from this ‘collecting for profit’ mentality that seems to have emerged slowly over the last several years? Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong to begin with? Perhaps this type of  ‘collector’ is the norm now and the Hobby will grow and evolve around them.

Maybe it’s just me that’s being a little bit cynical?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue and any personal experiences you might want to share. My door’s always open and thanks for taking the time to read this!

Panini America Offers Stunning First Pics of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm Autos

Feast your eyes on these beauties!!!


Now, I know that sticker autos aren’t everyone’s cuppa but even without the autos it looks as if Panini have put together a truly stunning set of cards with these 2014 World Cup Prizm! The Prizms themselves are one parallel set well worth chasing… Pulling an auto would just be the cherry on top!

Well done Panini!!

The Knight's Lance

Cristiano Ronaldo Prizm Blog

To suggest that the images you’re about to see represent one of the most anticipated viewings in FIFA World Cup™ collectibles history is by no means overstating things. Sitting here less than one week away from the U.S. release of Panini America’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm trading card set, the global anticipation for this bona fide blockbuster seems tangibly electric. And you’re about to get your first look at one of the chief reasons why: The set’s simply sublime autographed cards.

Yesterday, we brought you images of the 50 global soccer legends signing their autographs for the set. Today, we’re bringing you something equally as striking: The first images anywhere of the finished product.

View original post 212 more words


OK then!!

Favourite thing I’ve seen today has to be this picture of New Zealand teen songstress Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (or Lorde to the rest of us) meeting up with former Kansas City legend, Hall of Famer and overall bronzed adonis, George Brett!


My initial thought was “WTF?!?!?! Random!!!”

However what I first considered to be a completely fabricated PR stunt designed to get two individuals together who had absolutely no idea of who the other was, tenuously linked only by a song and a baseball team, was soon put to bed when I read this story from the Kansas City Star

George Brett, who inspired the song ‘Royals,’ finally meeting Lorde

So there you have it!! Who’d have thought it?!?

Consider me schooled!

I would like to add that I hope I look as good as Brett does when I turn 60… Although somehow I doubt it!



Coming Soon… Topps Aluminum?!?!?!


Mmmmmm… Where do I start?

Just over an hour ago Topps posted this image on Instagram with the tagline – ‘Topps Aluminum. Coming Soon’


Now I’m assuming we’re looking at another new set maybe? A metal set??? Perhaps a limited release? Or online only? Reprints?? Who knows?

I’m having a hard time figuring out what to say about this one to be honest. It all feels a little bit out of left field, and given the material that the card seems to be made from I’d envisage that it’ll be another high-end product. Something we’re all clamouring for I’m sure.

Well Topps, you’ve piqued my curiosity so far… Lets see what else you’ve got!!

In Defence Of… The Relic Card

With the recent release of the ‘game-used’-heavy 2014 Topps Museum, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time mulling over the relative merits of memorabilia cards.

Let’s face it, you can’t avoid them as they’re one of the standard insert sets that you stumble across in pretty much every sports card product that’s released these days. From the heady days of the late 90’s when Upper Deck first cut up ‘game-used’ jerseys of Griffey Jr, Tony Gwynn and Rey Ordonez to seed in random boxes of 1997 UD Baseball, to a year later when they committed the cardinal sin of sawing up a bat used by the Sultan of Swat himself, game-used memorabilia cards have become part of the sports card DNA over the last decade and a bit.

Of course, once upon a time these inserts were crazy hard to find and many of those early cards still fetch high premiums on the secondary market. However today’s game-used inserts (or ‘relic’ card as it’s started calling itself today) are virtually two-a-penny, and can easily be found littering pretty much every box of cards that gets produced. Such a high proliferation of these types of cards on the market has resulted in a laissez-faire attitude amongst collectors, and very few relic cards (apart from the incredibly rare short-printed versions of HOF’ers and superstars) seem to carry any kind of weight in the Hobby.

Naturally memorabilia cards have evolved over the years. Alongside those ‘pioneering’ jersey and bat cards we now have patches, buttons, laundry tags, bat barrels, bat knobs, gloves, and so on, and so on! Companies still seem to be pushing the boat out with regard to how they present these items in card form, but is the concept becoming tired after all this time? Maybe just a little bit stale?? Does anyone really care anymore when they pull a small piece of jersey once belonging to <insert the name of any semi-star you like… I’m going with James Loney only because he was the first to pop into my head> that’s cut up into a centimetre square and embedded in a 2″x3″ piece of card??

I’m guessing the answer is a big fat NO (unless you happen to have a James Loney PC)!

Certain news stories over the last few years have cast further doubt over the lowly relic card as a viable form of collectible memorabilia, as it has emerged that a number of different parties have been accused of passing on fake items to the major card companies as the genuine game-used article. Just Google the name ‘Bradley Wells’ for an example of what I’m talking about!

So where does that leave us now with the relic card?

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know any collectors out there who exclusively pick up game used cards! Maybe there are the odd one or two who will chase them down to supplement their own PCs, but as a collectible in it’s own right the relic card just doesn’t seem to be near the top of anyone’s list as far as I can tell. In fact I know of a fair number of you out there in the Hobby who positively detest them, and avoid them at all costs!

Now, I guess it’s time to let you into a little secret… Are you sitting comfortably? Cool! Here goes…

… I have a little bit of a soft spot for game used memorabilia cards!

BOOM!! There we go… and it’s out there!!

I gave up many moons ago thinking that game used cards were a ‘link’ to the player depicted on the card. I dismissed the notion of ‘game used’ as being the overriding factor behind these cards existing in the first place and learned to start accepting them as a regular old insert, just like any other. Once I did this I felt like I’d made my peace with relic cards and became much more appreciative of them. After all, just look at what Topps has done with this year’s Museum Collection and you’ll see some absolutely stunning looking cards!! The same can be said year-in year-out with Triple Threads! I won’t bring Tier 1 to the table as I think it’s one of the most unnecessary sets of cards out there… Damn I loathe that product!!!

I’ve even gone down the route of considering collecting game-used relics of players in Cardinals uniforms but, as with most of my grand collecting schemes, the idea was aborted early on as I moved on to another fad!

So that’s what they are to me now – a quirky insert set. Certainly not my favourite in the pantheon of baseball card heaven, but certainly not the derided and under-appreciated card that they appear to be to many of my collecting brethren!

Let’s spend a few moments to have a think about the ‘lowly’ relic card then, eh? Is it really that bad? Can it be redeemed in the eyes of even the most vehement anti-relic collector?? Personally I think we should all give the game-used memorabilia cards another crack of the whip – another chance! Given the general feeling towards these types of cards there are often some real bargains to find on eBay and such like.

So the question is now – how do you all feel about relic and other game-used memorabilia cards? Do you collect them yourself? Maybe just a few of your favourite team or player? Maybe you even have a secret love for them just like I admitted to above? Or do you avoid them like the plague?? Worst baseball card idea ever? And if you really, really hate them – why do you hate them?

Feel free to leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Heritage Is Coming… Heritage Is Coming…

The fact that Topps has pushed tomorrow’s official release of 2014 Heritage back to Friday 14th March shouldn’t come as any real surprise to anyone, and I truly doubt that it will dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the product either. Interestingly enough, when I first started writing this post the release date had only been pushed back by two days, so go figure!

For me Heritage is the ‘true’ collectors set out of the whole of its annual baseball card output, perhaps more so than the base set and its unparalleled parallels!

I’ve never been a set collector before, never really had the time or patience for it, but I’ve decided to change my tact this year and will be putting together my first set EVER this year… in the form of ’14 Heritage!

And why change the habit of a lifetime?

  1. I love me some ’65 Topps, my favourite vintage design alongside ’54 and ’57
  2. 2013 Topps Heritage was awesome, with a real nice balance of collectibility and hits. If 2014 can get anywhere near that then us collectors can’t go far wrong
  3. Several UK-based collectors are chasing 2014 Heritage sets this year, so there will be more cards flying around on this side of the pond to make putting a set together more fun and more achievable
  4. Improved card stock, if rumours are to be believed. More like A&G thickness than 2013 Heritage ‘thickness’ please!

I’ve already pre-ordered a couple of Hobby boxes to set me on my way, and I have no doubt that there will be more to follow!

Can’t wait for this!!! Really can’t wait!

As a result of my Heritage infatuation I have no doubt that there will be numerous Heritage-related posts appearing on these pages over the coming weeks, as well as a proper review in the days following my receiving and busting my own boxes!

For those of you who aren’t too keen on Heritage… SERIOUSLY?!?!? What the hell’s wrong with you?!?!?


Am I the only one out there who’s looking forward to this set? or are there any more Heritage freaks out there?? Let’s have a show of hands!

And if Heritage doesn’t ‘float your boat’, what set are you looking forward to over the coming months?

For those who can’t wait a few more days, here’s the proposed Hobby box design, along with a few advanced images courtesy of Topps… Love that bottom one!!











New Kid On The Block

A few weeks removed from my last post I just wanted to write a few words of introduction with regards to a new UK baseball card blog that sprung up over the weekend.

Three Strikes and Out is the baby of rookie blogger Mr Josh Hall, and in his first post he gives a far better introduction to himself that I ever could… So I won’t even try! Click on the link to check it out for yourself!!!

Josh is fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you might speak to) to live just a few miles from myself over the other side of the good city of Nottingham, and although we haven’t met yet I have no doubt our paths will cross at some point in the future.

From a general email last week asking for advice about starting a fledgling baseball card collection, to already making his first singles purchase and preorder of several Heritage boxes, it looks as if he’s already ingratiating himself into our small but ever growing community of collectors over on these shores!

So I’m sending out a heartfelt message to card collectors and Hobby fans across the world to go visit Josh’s blog and say “Hi”! It would be really great if you could show him the same patience, love (dare I say ‘love’?, oh go on… there I’ve said it) and support that you’ve all shown to me over the last couple of years, as well as welcoming him into the friendliest Hobby community that I’ve had the pleasure to become part of.

Naturally now that I have a rival fellow blogger it looks as if I’ll have to up my game a little. No more resting on my laurels thinking I’m the ‘Big Dog’ of the UK baseball card blogging scene, no sir! Time to step up and bring it!!

Batesy IS BACK!!!

The big cheese; the head honcho; A number 1; numero uno… Hold on a sec… My wife’s calling… Looks as if I’ve got to make dinner!

Sigh… Once again I’m reminded of my place in the grand scheme of things!

“…And It’s Goodnight From Him”

So, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this as I’ve finally decided to step away from collecting (again) for the foreseeable future! This also means I’ll be stepping away from the blog for a while to.

It’s a mixture of a couple of things really, firstly not having a reliable source of ‘card funds’ to keep my own collection going, and secondly I’ve been steadily developing a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the Hobby over the last few months. This has spilled over into the blog as well as I’ve been finding it harder to muster the energy to post anything new and relevant. It’s almost as if it feels like I’ve said all I’ve wanted to say at this stage!

I went through the same thing back in October and thought I’d come out of the other side, but it didn’t take long for similar feelings to set in again, and this time I decided to be a bit more proactive in my decision making!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Baseball cards and Baseball card collecting, it just isn’t a good fit for me at the minute. So rather than string it out and hope I get my mojo back it just seems to make more sense to take a break for a while.

I’ll still be active on Twitter, keeping an eye on what’s happening across the Hobby and the industry, and I’ll still be monitoring the blog on a regular basis so feel free to leave a comment or two if you feel the urge!

But before I go and place The Wax Fantastic on hiatus I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to all of you out there who have taken the time to read, and comment on, what I’ve been writing about over the last year and a bit! The card collecting community is an amazing thing to be part of and I feel truly blessed to have made some great new friends since I started this blog up!

I’ll be back again soon enough, so rather than “Goodbye” I’ll leave with a “See you later”! And who knows when that random urge might just overtake me and I feel the need to crack open a box of wax at some point in the not-too-distant future? Some things never leave you I guess 🙂

And just so you’re aware I’m not turning me back on the blogging community either. I’ll soon be setting up another blog about another of my life’s great loves, this time from the world of television – Doctor Who!

So I’ll sign off now and wish you all a very merry Christmas and an even happier New Year!

Take care, God bless and see you all again soon!