Welcome to The Wax Fantastic… the world wide web’s latest Baseball card blog (let’s face it, you can never have enough blogs about Baseball cards, can you?) created with the main purpose of bringing together the fragmented card collectors in the UK (and beyond).

The Wax Fantastic is brought to you by –

Andy Bates – An ‘on-and-off’ basketball and baseball card collector since the mid-90’s. Now an exclusive baseball collector he’s a massive fan of vintage cards, and currently favours pretty much all of Topps’ recent retro-look output

Mark Pidgeon – Long time Chicago Cub fan and collector, mainly collecting Starlin Castro, Andre “the Hawk” Dawson, Kerry Wood and Roberto Clemente cards. Huge vintage Topps fan including the new Retro products.  Always on the lookout for card oddities and minis!

The Wax Fantastic was put together as a place for collectors to meet, chat, debate and trade (cards and ideas)!

We’ll do our level best to keep posting on a regular basis and invite anyone out there to share  your thoughts and experiences!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!


Andy & Mark

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to finally have a UK based baseball card blog to check out and (hopefully) contribute to! Looking forward to future reading.

    Glasgow, Scotland

  2. Im looking to set up a UK baseball card network. It would make sense to go in with other people when buying sets and packs to help with postage costs. Same with ebay, we could be bidding each other up! would make sense to pool and split. Im a Twins fan and they are in the main what i collect. Let me know if you think its something of interest.

    1. Hi Stuart, great to hear from you!

      It sounds like a cool idea and something like this was one of the reasons I set this blog up in the first place!!

      I’d originally intended to bring in cards in bulk myself (absorbing the postage and customs charges) and then selling on eBay. The intention was to make enough to buy more in and keep the process going… I wasn’t really be in it to make any money off the back of it!

      My problem is having the available cash to get the boxes in in the first place…

      In terms of setting up a network, I guess the main issue is getting the word out to like-minded collectors. The readership on here isn’t particularly huge at the minute but I’m more than happy to post a blog entry making everyone of aware that you’re out there and what you’re trying to do.

      If you send me your email address and a message to the other collectors then I’ll get it posted ASAP for you. Send it to me at andybates99@gmail.com

      Hopefully, if people see it and are interested then they’ll get in touch!!

      My collecting is at a minimum at the moment and what odds and sods I do pick up tend to be singles off eBay or cheaper cards from Check Out My Cards

      Let me know if that sounds OK or if you can think of a better alternative!!

      Cheers, Andy

  3. Hi mate, just starting this and ordered a retail box of topps 2013 opening day off amazon usa. All for £35 which seems alright. I’m a pirates fan, and according to your twitter from the same neck of the woods. Being 14 doesn’t allow me a lot of money but 200+ cards to start off with is great!

    1. Hi there Sam!

      Great to hear from you!!

      Whereabouts are you geographically? Good to know there’s a Pirates fan out there… Big McCutchen fan myself!!

      I’ve got some Pirates cards lying around somewhere that I can add to your collection. Just email me your address to andybates99@gmail.com

      You might want to sign up to the Yahoo Group ‘UK Cards’ at http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/uk_cards/ as well!!

      It was put together by my good friend Glenn up in Glasgow and we’re 20+strong at the moment. It’s there as a way of getting all of us UK-based card collectors together in one place. Just tell Glenn I sent you!

      That Opening Day box doesn’t sound too bad either. They’ve got some nice autos in the set this year!

      I’m constantly looking into the best ways of getting cards over on a cheaper and regular basis. Better for UK collectors without the worry of Customs fees!

      Have a look around the blog and feel free to pass on any comments or let me know if you have any questions!

      Cheers, Andy

      1. From Nottingham myself, only just got into baseball. What happens in the group on yahoo btw?

      2. Just a group of US sports card collectors – not just baseball!

        We’re a really friendly bunch and really supportive to one another when it comes to dishing out any help or advice!

        There’s always the opportunity to set up trades as well!

      3. Sounds good, I’ll look into it. Not wanting to sound too pessimistic, or disrespectful, but my parents sometimes don’t even buy things off of a different amazon seller even if its cheaper. Saying that they’ve never heard of you leaves me with doubt about the pirates cards coming my way😧. Thanks anyway though.

      4. That’s fine Sam! No offense taken at all.

        I’m always giving my cards away and I’d much rather the cards go to someone who’ll give them a good home, so I’m more than happy to hold on to them for a while for you.

        I don’t mind if either of your parents wanted to get in touch with me either. I could send them to somewhere other than your home address if they’d be happier with that. Maybe a works address??

        I do have packs available on eBay occasionally as well, not too many as it’s more of a hobby than anything else, but I’ll have some packs of 2013 Topps Archives Baseball and Football listed over the next couple of weeks!

        Regarding the Yahoo Group, there’s a real mix of different collectors of different tastes and ages, ranging from a 16 yr old NFL fan called Emily, all the way up to the Groups founder Glenn, an American in his early 50’s who’s lived in Glasgow for the last 40 years!

        Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime and keep reading the blog!

        Cheers, Andy

    2. You know what, I will ask my parents about it, and what I said about amazon was only ment as a illustration, not actually what happens but you catch my drift. Just out of interest why are you giving the cards away? And how many are there?

      1. There may only be a handful, I had a huge purge of my collection recently and sold off a load on eBay just to streamline what I collect.

        I mainly did it for cost effectiveness!

        Now I just collect St Louis Cardinals autographed cards, and I’m currently hoping to start a couple of player collections very soon.

        Any cards that I have that don’t fit in with what I collect I’d prefer to trade away! But as I don’t know any Pirates collectors I’d just as sooner give them to some one who does collect them!

        At the end of the day they’d only end up sitting in a box unless I sent them on!

      2. I’ll try and get back to you tommorow, and on a separate note, (sorry for all the questions) how do you store your cards. The only binders I’ve seen of substance are ultra pro, and they come without pages. A binder and pages for 12 pounds seems a bit steep.

      3. LOL – Don’t worry about the questions!

        You’re right about the cost of accessories, but I’d go Ultra Pro every time! As my current collection is still in its infancy I tend to use the Ultra Pro albums rather than the binders! They’re a lot smaller and look a lot nicer for smaller collections.

        I’m considering putting everything into sleeves and toploaders though. It’ll be expensive initially but hopefully not too bad if I can keep on top of it.

        The only issue there is getting different thickness toploaders for all the different sized cards there are these days!

        If you shop around on eBay you’ll probably end up stumbling onto a bargain or two!

  4. Hi, sorry if I am posting in the wrong place, or more than likely on the wrong topic but………back in the Early 90’s I was living in Dubai in the middle east and I started to collect Basketball cards. I recently unearthed a collection of my favourite cards of the time, the cards that at the time were my pride and joys. Lots of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, David Robinson, Shaq, Shawn Kemp, Eddie Jones, Shawn Kemp etc.

    I thought that after 20 years some of the cards, of which I have roughly 600 could be worth a bit of money and I was hoping to find somewhere in the Uk that I could take them to have them valued.

    Searching the internet I have found very little in the way of solutions here in the UK other than scanning through every single card on sites that I have found online, and for some reason, some of the free sites seem to list entire sets of cards EXCEPT the ones I am trying to Value.

    I am just reaching out in the hope that someone that sees this post may be able to offer me some sort of guidance as to what my best bet is.

    Loving your blog by the way even though I am not a Baseball fan (sorry), it is great to see someone with so much passion for something that I know from experience can be so exciting.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Yours in Hope


    1. Hi Yousef,
      although I’m not affiliated with the site in any way(look at my earlier comments) it’s my understanding that if you have early 90’s cards, they don’t have a lot of value. Obviously it depends on the card, but it was so overproduced that the market was flooded. I’m expecting Andy or Glenn to correct me if I’m wrong, but hopefully I’ve helped.

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