Panini America Offers Stunning First Pics of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm Autos

Feast your eyes on these beauties!!!


Now, I know that sticker autos aren’t everyone’s cuppa but even without the autos it looks as if Panini have put together a truly stunning set of cards with these 2014 World Cup Prizm! The Prizms themselves are one parallel set well worth chasing… Pulling an auto would just be the cherry on top!

Well done Panini!!

The Knight's Lance

Cristiano Ronaldo Prizm Blog

To suggest that the images you’re about to see represent one of the most anticipated viewings in FIFA World Cup™ collectibles history is by no means overstating things. Sitting here less than one week away from the U.S. release of Panini America’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm trading card set, the global anticipation for this bona fide blockbuster seems tangibly electric. And you’re about to get your first look at one of the chief reasons why: The set’s simply sublime autographed cards.

Yesterday, we brought you images of the 50 global soccer legends signing their autographs for the set. Today, we’re bringing you something equally as striking: The first images anywhere of the finished product.

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One thought on “Panini America Offers Stunning First Pics of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Prizm Autos

  1. Great! Another breakthrough product with USELESS STICKER AUTOGRAPHS! When are card companies going to get the fact that REAL autograph collectors (not one’s just in this hobby to make money) HATE STICKER AUTOGRAPHS! I’d rather not have an autograph than have a sticker autograph. To prove that point, I donate 30,000+ cards & autographs to hospitalized children every year since 1989 and I donate EVERY sticker autograph I pull (and even feel a bit guilty about giving these useless things away!).
    Maybe the general public should know more about WHY I feel this way. They were created ONLY to save card companies money. I was physically at Playoff’s offices in 2001 when the mail room employee was given a party for coming up with that “wonderful idea” and I took him to the side and told him that in the future his idea will help kill our hobby & why. Anything else that was said about their creation was LIES! Remember how card companies said sticker autographs would GREATLY DECREASE the number of redemptions. After the first year or two has sticker autographs continued to decrease redemptions? NO THEY HAVE NOT!

    1) Sticker autographs are ugly and completely detract from the overall design of the cards they are on.
    2) Would you go to a game with a sheet of return address labels to get autographs on, and then stick them on cards when you got home? Of course not! So WHY WOULD YOU PUT UP WITH THIS JUNK IN PACKS THAT COST $3.00 for 3-5 cards (average) MAINLY BECAUSE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING A STICKER ASUTOGRAPH! Otherwise packs would still be $1.00 for 10+ cards.
    3) I can’t tell you how disgusted I am getting STICKER replacement autographs for players I NEVER WANTED for players that I did want that were supposed to be ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS! Card companies can’t even get autographs on stickers anymore because they don’t care to do things right anymore because they KNOW this hobby is about ready to collapse! Topps is currently OVER A YEAR BEHIND on all redemptions (stickers mostly & some On Card autos). When you call Topps CS, you WILL hold for 30+ minutes and if you are “lucky” enough to get a human, THEY WILL LIE TO YOU! They don’t answer e-mails anymore either.

    Your best bet: STOP BUYING ALL NEWER BOXES AND ANY NEW CARD PRODUCTS! This is the ONLY way to get them to change. There are TONS on great looking ON CARD autographs of nearly any player you could think of (BTW- stay away from cut signature cards, they are MORE useless than sticker autographs) already out there for sale. eBay is worse than it’s EVER been as far as crooks and fraud and eBay not caring the least bit. So go try – you can make offers that are often accepted and they expanded greatly over the last couple of years so you can find more on COMC than you can on eBay.

    I’ve been an expert in this hobby since 1987. I switched to collecting ONLY On Card Certified Autograph Inserts by reputable companies in 1999 right after I became a Forensic Document Examiner. I fought corporate hobby fraud FULL TIME for free from 1997-2004 with my own website and caused more positive changes in this hobby than anyone combined that I or anyone else has ever heard of. To date I’ve been told that I donated over 2-million cards to hospitalized children & I never made more than $30,000 a year at my “real” job. I proved to the “Hobby Elite” that you don’t need attorneys or money to defeat their fraudulent ways, you just need something driving you, intelligence and an unwavering sense of integrity & honor.

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