And The Winner Is…

Some folks may well remember that I started a little competition a couple of weeks ago – a caption competition based on the following image from an advertisement shoot for ‘Booster Juice’ with none other than your favourite Blue Jays outfielder and mine, Mr José Bautista.

I asked you good folk to come up with a comical caption for the following photo and thanks to everyone who took part…


Well, I’ve decided upon a winner, one that made me giggle the most, and up until the end I thought we had a clear winner with this from Sports Card Collectors (@SportsCardCollec) with –

“They call me Joey Bats in baseball, they will soon call me Joey Strokes in golf. Wait… I think I should change that, it doesnt sound quite right… Joey Swings it is!”

‘Joey Strokes’ indeed 🙂

Now that one would have won if not for a last minute entry from fellow Brit and Rays fan, Mr Lee Phillimore (@PlayoffRays) who went with –

“Where am I, who is this man and why are my hands tied behind my back? I swear, this is the last time I go out drinking with Melky Cabrera…” 

I hadn’t spotted the “hands tied behind back” scenario, the thought of which made me giggle for a fair while, then add in the prospect of a night on the town with my man Melky and you have all the ingredients for the winning entry!

So congrats Lee! You get first choice on whichever Harper card you’d like, and the remaining card goes to my good friend over at Sports Card Collectors.


Well done both and hope you like the cards!


2 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Like Andy, I also kind of like relic cards. As he says, as long as you’re not under the impression that the relic is directly related to the player on the card then you can enjoy them for what they are. I particularly like Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection and go for the Tigers cards from that subset every year. In 2012, I tried to complete the Tigers team set of Topps Golden Moments relics. This proved to be fairly tough as there were 11 diferent standard cards and 5 “sparkly” x/99 variations. I managed to nail them all though and I’ve got to admit they look fantastic in the binder!

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