“Hey! Did You Know Jose Bautista Follows Me On Twitter?”

To be perfectly honest, who the hell doesn’t José Bautista follow on Twitter??

Yep, well known Blue Jay, third baseman-turned-outfielder and soon-to-be free agent José Bautista is a pretty prominent player from the world of baseball on Twitter.  As I write this his account – @JoeyBats19 – is followed by over 470,000 of you good folks out there. More interestingly ol’ Joey Bats himself actually follows over 180,000 on Twitter (including yours truly).

Now, what possible interest could this Dominican born, Canada playing baseball giant have in what I have to say? Or any of the others that he follows for that matter? ‘Very little’ would be my best guess!

And I know I’m not the only one to have noticed Joey’s Tweeting antics. He recently drew mucho derision for his ridiculous attempt to become the #FaceOfMLB for the upcoming season. Read all about that here…

Players and fans get heated over ‘Face of MLB’ contest

Others have been looking into Jose’s Twitter antics, my particular favourite being this post from Jake Mintz at the Cespedes Family Barbecue

Jose Bautista’s Most Outrageous Follows

The popular opinion out there is that it’s actually a marketing team behind Bautista’s account, and that the big man himself has little input/interest in what gets tweeted. Now I’m not bashing Joey Bats in the slightest, after all I’m sure he does his bit for the betterment of humankind. Nope, what does irk me is the way in which he’s pimped out through the world of social media, and this, in my happy opinion, makes @JoeyBats19 (the Twitter account) fair game for public derision.

Last night saw this tweet from some wine maker that’s using Bautista in an upcoming advertisement for ‘Booster Juice’?!?!?! Mmmm… (taps side of nose)… ‘Booster’ Juice, eh José??


I just love this, and following it’s posting I got involved with a lively bit of Twitter banter with my collecting comrade and A’s fan Ben Wilson (@ourtradingcards) as well as a few others, where we discussed José’s propensity for ‘retweeting and following’, Free Agency conspiracies and the delicate shade of egg plant that is the colour of José’s shirt!

I happened to think that this image was perfect for a caption competition, so guess what… We’re having a caption competition!!

Here’s a better look at that image!


Here’s the rules

  1. Please don’t take this too seriously, it’s just for fun
  2. You need to come up with a caption for the image – this can be a caption for the overall image, or a quote from one of more of the golfing participants
  3. The judges decision (i.e. mine) will be final, and will be based upon which caption made me smile or laugh the most (not the most scientific of yardsticks I’ll grant you)
  4. The winner will receive a Bryce Harper RC or Prospect card from one of the 2012 Bowman products. If I’m feeling generous it might be both 🙂
  5. Leave your answer in the comments section below this post so we can all have a giggle at @JoeyBats19’s expense
  6. Closing date will be next Tuesday 18th March at 6.00pm EST/11.pm GMT and I’ll announce the winner at some point the following day

So lets do this people!! Lets all flex our comedic muscles at the expense of our favourite MLB Twitter star!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

12 thoughts on ““Hey! Did You Know Jose Bautista Follows Me On Twitter?”

  1. “Standing here at parade rest while this random guy golfs, is my punishment for not becoming #FaceOfMLB. I hate Eric Sogard…Oh well… Hey I should follow this guy on Twitter”!

  2. Well, being as the off season was slow I thought I might try some, ah, “experiments”. I let the boom operator try some first. I don’t think the strength is up to par, so I won’t be using any juice this season!

  3. They call me Joey Bats in baseball, they will soon call me Joey Strokes in golf. Wait… I think I should change that, it doesnt sound quite right… Joey Swings it is!

  4. “Where am I, who is this man and why are my hands tied behind my back? I swear, this is the last time I go out drinking with Melky Cabrera…”

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