Pot… Kettle… Black…

First off, I don’t really consider myself to be a malicious or vindictive person… Never have been, never will be. I don’t find it easy to bear grudges or lapse into foul moods if I’m ever criticized or slighted in any way.

I don’t have any time to wallow in that type of negative self-pity, preferring instead to concentrate on the humour and incredulity of any given situation or happenstance. Must be a product of my good old English wit I suppose, which lets say borders on the ‘mostly dry’ side.

And the only reason I tell you this in advance is because I don’t want you to think that the following anecdote is meant in a mean-spirited kind of way. It isn’t! I just wanted to share the somewhat karmic irony involved, an irony that brought a very wry smile to my face.

Yesterday I posted about the excitement I was feeling about the upcoming release of 2014 Topps Heritage, a post that has so far received 167 views and still counting – a pretty high number for this modest little blog. This number was helped considerably by a retweet from those good folks over at Topps, so thanks for that and thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to stop by so far!

However after I’d turned in for the night I was woken by a low buzzing that indicated a tweet had appeared on my phone, a tweet that read as follows –


D’OH!! There I go again! Getting my months wrong!! I do this all the time, particularly when we’re in the first few days of a new month. I guess we all make mistakes, I definitely make my fair share of them! To err is human, and all that! So I made a quick edit to the post, changing the 14th February to 14th March, and off to sleep once again.

It wasn’t until I revisited the tweet the following morning that something jumped out at me about the message from Twitter user @ToppsHeritageNz. The eagle-eyed among you may well have already spotted it, if not go and give it another look.

So @ToppsHeritageNz, the irony of your message certainly wasn’t lost on me!

I’m not adverse to having the error of my ways pointed out to me, but wouldn’t a simple word to one side have worked just as well? You know, something like “Hey Andy, you’ve gone and put the wrong release date down!”. But that’s not good enough in this instance I guess.

The thing is @ToppsHeritageNz, if you’re going to call someone out, AND go to the trouble of doing it in a public forum like Twitter, it’s always best to try and avoid running foul of the same issue that you’re leveling at your intended ‘victim’. Maybe you should try and get your own proof-reading house in order first, otherwise you just mind end up looking a bigger tit than the person who made the original mistake 😉

Just saying!

I did try and reach out to my new Twitter friend –


So far I’ve had no reply, which may well speak volumes by itself. If I’ve missed the point, and your message was laced with heaps of intended irony, then you have my apologies!

Right then – back to the ‘proper’ baseball card related business next time!


One thought on “Pot… Kettle… Black…

  1. I’m lucky if I only have two or three errors in one of my posts. Luckily most of my readers accept that I’m not perfect. Can’t wait to see if that guy responds to your tweet.

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