New Kid On The Block

A few weeks removed from my last post I just wanted to write a few words of introduction with regards to a new UK baseball card blog that sprung up over the weekend.

Three Strikes and Out is the baby of rookie blogger Mr Josh Hall, and in his first post he gives a far better introduction to himself that I ever could… So I won’t even try! Click on the link to check it out for yourself!!!

Josh is fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you might speak to) to live just a few miles from myself over the other side of the good city of Nottingham, and although we haven’t met yet I have no doubt our paths will cross at some point in the future.

From a general email last week asking for advice about starting a fledgling baseball card collection, to already making his first singles purchase and preorder of several Heritage boxes, it looks as if he’s already ingratiating himself into our small but ever growing community of collectors over on these shores!

So I’m sending out a heartfelt message to card collectors and Hobby fans across the world to go visit Josh’s blog and say “Hi”! It would be really great if you could show him the same patience, love (dare I say ‘love’?, oh go on… there I’ve said it) and support that you’ve all shown to me over the last couple of years, as well as welcoming him into the friendliest Hobby community that I’ve had the pleasure to become part of.

Naturally now that I have a rival fellow blogger it looks as if I’ll have to up my game a little. No more resting on my laurels thinking I’m the ‘Big Dog’ of the UK baseball card blogging scene, no sir! Time to step up and bring it!!

Batesy IS BACK!!!

The big cheese; the head honcho; A number 1; numero uno… Hold on a sec… My wife’s calling… Looks as if I’ve got to make dinner!

Sigh… Once again I’m reminded of my place in the grand scheme of things!


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