All Hail The Postman

I know I’m not alone in experiencing that giddy thrill whenever a card package arrives on the doorstep! You just need to see it sitting there, in that little area just below the letter box, and you instantaneously know what it contains!!

This is one of the great payoffs in the life of a card collector!! It’s alright shopping for cards, talking about cards, or even blogging about cards, but actually receiving the cards – priceless!!

So I feel as if my cup has runneth over recently as I’ve received three separate packages over the last eight days!!

Yay me!!

The first lot arrived from UK-based collector and rampant Mets fan, Ash! He recently busted a jumbo box of 2013 Topps Update and sorted out all the Cardinals cards for me.


Some nice rookies and inserts in this little lot, including my first official Michael Wacha RC!!

One day I’ll return the favour and get something David Wright-related sent back down to the West Midlands, but given the frightening rate in which his collection is expanding it’ll have to be something pretty special and unique!

Anyways, thanks for these Ash!

Second up is an eBay purchase and my first from this year’s Topps Triple Threads.


Last week I wrote about my particular fondness for this years Triple Threads product and I was eager to get my grubby mitts on a sample. So when I won this card on eBay for the princely sum of $6.75 I was more than happy!! The $6.00 postage left a nasty taste in my mouth but now’s not the time or place to go on about that particular issue again!

I’m not the biggest Rockies fan but I do like the different swatches on this card! A lovely example which perfectly highlights the beauty of this set!!

I’ll definitely be getting some more of these!!

And last but not least comes this beauty from my buddy James in Alabama!!


Now before you all go and get excited at the sight of a Rip Card, you should at least be aware that the back looks like this –


OK, I know what you’re all thinking – “That James Ruffin guy eh, what a tight wad!! Pulled a bit of a fast one there with the ripped Rip Card, didn’t he?”

Well don’t worry too much! I knew it was coming like this and it’s going to take it’s place in my Bob Gibson PC where it belongs!! The Gibby collection has grown a bit quicker than I initially thought so it looks as if I’m going to have to move it from my Ultra-Pro album into something bigger!

Got to plan ahead and all that!!


So there we go! A bit of an eclectic mix and all extremely welcome additions to my collection!!

My thanks go out to to my fellow collectors who once again have shown the generosity of spirit that makes our small community one of the best to be a part of!!



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