5 Reasons I Love This Card


Reason #1

2013 Topps Triple Threads

I have to confess – I’m a little bit in love with this years Triple Threads!!

There, I said it!

From the design of the base cards to the numerous autographed and relic-based inserts, Topps have put together a truly classy looking set of cards!! And while I’ve been vocal in the past regarding my ambivalence towards high-end card sets, I’d happily make an exception in this case!

Reason #2

Themed Insert Sets

You can see from the above image that we’ve got a theme going on with the players depicted. Topps appears to have made a great effort to apply these types of themes across many of it’s multi-player relics in Triple Threads, categorizing by both team and position (or sometimes both as in the above card)!

This is a nice touch and is especially good for team collectors as they can often get three players from the same team on a single, great looking card!

Reason #3

Different Materials

At times you’ll often find a certain amount of laziness when it comes to the manufacture of relic cards! Often you get a single, drab-looking swatch that’s never the most attractive of cards to look at or own. But the thing about this particular card is that once again Topps has taken the time and effort to put together something worth owning.

Imagine how easy it would have been to put three separate jersey swatches together, but instead we get three distinct materials, with a nice differentiation of colour to really make the card stand out

Reason #4

Three of a Kind

Perhaps my favourite aspect of this card is that it features three of the best position players ever to play the game of Baseball! OK, the jury may still be out on Manny Machado (maybe we should revisit this in 10-15 years time), but from what we’ve seen of him so far he’s not given us any reason to doubt that he’ll be up there amongst the greatest defensive third baseman* in Baseball history!

And what makes the card even better is that they all herald from the same team! A perfect example of Orioles past and present!

Reason #5

All Of The Above

Manny Machado, Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr! All on one card!!

Even if you’re not an O’s fan surely you can’t help but get excited at the prospect of a card like this? With it’s gorgeous and varied design, along with its great player selection (TWO Hall of Famers and one potential future member of Cooperstown), this really is a card that stands out from the crowd and would make an awesome addition to my anyone’s collection!!

* OK, I do concede that Ripken Jr is known primarily as a shortstop, but he did move over to third base in 1996 where he remained for the final five years of his career!


And if you like the look of this card, why not check out this beauty as well!!


Let me know which one of these two would you like in your collection the most? Or is there another from Triple Threads that’s caught your eye??


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love This Card

  1. Don’t forget, Ripken was a shortstop in the minors who was moved to 3rd to start his big league career. Just like Machado. And theer’s been talk of moving Machado back to Short, like Ripken.

  2. Both of those cards are awesome! I’m pretty sure I don’t own any of these high end triple player relics, but I’m headed to The Bay to see if I can find an A’s or Padres one. Thanks for sharing.

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