Henderson Alvarez Throws… a Maddux?!?!

Yesterday saw the last few games of the 2013 regular 162-game MLB season! My Cardinals achieved the joint best record in Baseball with the Red Sox, while the Reds and Pirates, along with the Rangers and Rays, will duke it out to see who will make it through to the post-season wild card spot!

Oh yeah, and Henderson Alvarez threw the strangest complete game no-hitter in MLB history. According to STATS and based on the 282 recorded no-hitters, this particular game was the first and only to ever end on a wild pitch, enabling Giancarlo “He’ll always be Mike to me” Stanton to score the winning run.

The Marlins beat the Tigers 1-0 and Alvarez entered the history books!


And while this feat has been much publicised in the sports pages over the last 24 hours most sports journos have failed to pick up on one important fact, that during his quest to inscribe himself into the annals of Baseball history, Henderson Alvarez also threw one of Baseball’s greatest of unofficial pitching stats – The Maddux!

‘The Maddux’ is a new stat created by fellow blogger Jason Lukehart and you can read all about how it came into being by clicking on the following link –

The Maddux

I can’t urge you enough to give it a read! Jason’s put together a great piece around a statistic that more than deserves it’s place alongside the more well-established of achievements like a ‘Perfect Game’ or ‘Hitting for the Cycle’!!

In a nutshell, to throw a ‘Maddux’ (and I’m using Jason’s words here) “The pitcher must toss a complete game shutout, and throw no more than 99 total pitches”. And that’s it!

He named it after his favourite all-time pitcher who threw 13 throughout his career, six more than his nearest rival!

So let’s all be upstanding for Henderson Alvarez, for carving his own little niche in Baseball history and for being the latest pitcher to achieve that most under-appreciated and little-known of all pitching achievements – The Maddux!

And while you’re at it don’t forget to write to your local MP or lobby Congress, and let’s get The Maddux the recognition it truly deserves!!

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