Over The Rainbow

A few days ago I wrote a piece lambasting the latest Topps Chrome Baseball release over its worrying and unreasonable amount of redemptions! You can read those particular thoughts here!

Now, while I’m not going to budge on the issue of redemptions in this particular product I do feel that I gave the set a bit of a short shrift, because when you look past the redemptions there is actually a pretty cool set bubbling away under the surface!! In fact, when I previewed the 2013 Topps Baseball base set I even wrote the words “I can’t help but think that these cards will look wicked with a Chrome finish”!

And damn was I right?!?! Along with a selection of some of the best base cards from the main set, Topps Chrome has one of THE best rookie card checklists I’ve seen in absolutely ages, coupled with an outstanding selection of rookie autographs!

But it’s not that aspect of 2013 Topps Chrome that really stands out for me! No sir, for me it’s the huge array of coloured parallel refractors that are littered throughout the boxes! Check some of these babies out –


Base Refractor (not serially #’d) 


X-Fractor (not serially #’d) 


Orange Refractor (not serially #’d) 


Purple Refractor (Retail Exclusive – not serially #’d) 


Blue Refractor #’d/199 


Black Refractor #’d/100 


Sepia Refractor #’d/75


Gold Refractor #’d/50 


Red Refractor #’d/25 


Camo Refractor #’d/15


Atomic Refractor #’d/10 


Pink Refractor #’d/5

And last but certainly not least


Superfractor #’d 1/1

I know that the above images don’t really do these cards any justice, but personal favourites are the sepia and the blue refractors, especially now that they’ve toned down the blue to a much lighter shade!! Very attractive cards!!

One of the big thrills for a player collector is to try and put together a ‘rainbow’ of a particular player, meaning to get one of each of the coloured refractors available in a set. However, given the rarity of some of these cards (and the accompanying high cost) it’s a pretty big ask to take on such an audacious enterprise and an even bigger challenge to actually complete it!!

But what the hell? Where’s the fun in shying away from a challenge like that?

I’d be interested to know if any of you out there who are reading this have ever tried to put a ‘rainbow’ collection together, and how much success did you have with it?


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