The Mailman Cometh

Today saw a surprise package turn up on my doorstep from the US of A!

Well, I say surprise, because although I knew it would be arriving at some point I’d completely forgotten about it – which made it’s appearance all the more special!!

This particular package arrived from my Cardinal-loving friend and fellow collector James Ruffin, over in Alabama. James has been good enough to offer to be the middleman in a few of my US-based eBay purchases so that I can avoid paying those pesky high shipping charges that I go on about on what feels like a monthly basis.

I’ve got a few Cardinals autos and an A&G team set sitting here waiting to travel back the other way, so mental note taken to do just that sometime over the next few days!!!

So what did I get then?

Well, firstly there were some minis that James picked up for me that I can add to the Adam Wainwright and Stan Musial minis received in my recent Kidder Cards break –


And then we have some extra additions to the Bob Gibson PC, including this which was also from James –


He picked up this next one from a friend of his who had pulled it from a RIP card. And while I don’t usually partake in much profanity in the pages of this family-friendly blog, I just have to say that this is one of the most fucking badass images of Hoot that I’ve ever seen committed to a Baseball card!!


Damn, I love that!!! Not an image I’ve seen a great deal of before but already one of the favourite cards from my fledgling collection! I don’t know what the odds are on these EXT cards, covering #351 to #400 of the A&G mini set, or how many are produced (5? 10? 15 maybe??) but I feel pretty damn lucky to have this in my possession and my eternal thanks to James for getting hold of it for me!!

And last but not least, this dual-relic is the first that I purchased off eBay and had sent directly to Alabama, costing me $2 in postage to a domestic US location rather than the $12 the seller was charging to ship internationally!

From 2008 UD Legendary Cuts, this is an awesome card as well, not just for the Gibby relic but also for the presence of the one-and-only Chris Carpenter! Take a look at that Gibson jersey piece!! Proper old and worn!!


That’s a pretty nice lot of cards to keep me going for a while longer, so thanks to James for sending them!

After all, us Cardinals fans have gotta stick together!!!


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