Introducing – The Baseball Hall of Fame ‘Franken-Set’

Last year my collecting ‘comrade’ from up in Redcar, Mr Mark Pidgeon, threw a couple of ideas in my general direction.

The first was to put a collection together featuring ALL the inductees in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the second was to start up a blog based upon my experiences as a UK-based Baseball card collector! Well, almost a year on from the very first post, you all pretty much know how the second of those two suggestions panned out, but I never even considered the first one – until now!

Given my love of old-school Baseball this idea seemed a perfect fit, so I’ve decided to make it my next collecting project! And to achieve this end I’m going to put together a Hall of Fame ‘FrankenSet’!

“A what set?!?!?” I hear you all cry!!! “C’mon Andy, have you taken leave of your frickin’ senses???”

I first came across the notion of a FrankenSet several months ago and didn’t really get the idea until my buddy James over in Alabama started his own FrankenSet up based on serially numbered cards of Cardinals players!

Rather than try to explain the premise of a FrankenSet to you myself, and no doubt fail miserably in the process, I’ll hand you to dayf, The Cardboard Junkie, over at Card Junk who has his very own FrankenSet based on a Topps Heritage theme. Click on the link below to see what he’s been up to!

Heritage FrankenSet – Introduction and Page 1

Glad to have you back! Hopefully dayf’s explanation of what a FrankenSet is has helped clear things up a bit!

The increased presence of retro-themed sets over the last decade or so will help considerably with the building of a HOF FrankenSet. Rather than using an ordering system dictated by card number, I’m going to do things a bit differently and order by the year that the individual was inducted into Cooperstown, going all the way back to the first inductee class in 1936!

As of 2013 there are 300 members of Baseball’s Hall of Fame – 237 players, 20 managers, 10 umpires and 33 pioneers/executives, elected by the Baseball Writer’s Association of America (BBWAA) and the Veteran’s Committee (VC).

In order to put my FrankenSet together I’ve set myself some ground rules that I’ll (do my level best to) adhere to!

  1. The set will be made up of positional players and managers only, as voted for by either the BBWAA or the VC. No umpires or execs will be included as it’s less likely I’ll be able to find cards of the majority of these individuals.
  2. The set will consist of base cards and non-relic/non-autograph inserts ONLY. Parallels of base cards will be accepted where applicable.
  3. Each card will be taken from a different set or product. I’ve not fully researched the logistics of whether this will even be possible given the numbers of individuals to sets involved, so if this proves to be a problem then I’ll also use inserts from the same sets. The plan is to avoid using base cards of different players from the same set, although I acknowledge that ultimately this may be unavoidable.
  4. The set will be ordered from 1936 to the present, and will be expanded year on year as more players are inducted into Cooperstown.

I think that this just about covers things as they stand and if I stick to the above I should have a fighting chance of putting the set together!

I’m quite excited about this and imagine that COMC will be my friend over the coming months!!


5 thoughts on “Introducing – The Baseball Hall of Fame ‘Franken-Set’

    1. Will do Adie!

      I’ll be going through my current selection of cards tonight and picking out the HOF’ers!

      They’ll be plenty from the same sets but it’ll give me a start!

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