2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Preview

Topps’ high-end sets usually offer pretty much the same thing to collectors – thicker, better quality card stock; BIG game-used memorabilia pieces, especially patches; a proliferation of big name autographs, more-often-than-not combined with the BIG game-used memorabilia pieces; and an astronomical price point per pack/box that puts such products out of the range of most fiscally-challenged of collectors (like my good self)!

They’re usually very pretty cards and it’s always best to trawl eBay for any singles that you might want, often at pretty competitive prices, a few months after the initial release!

Some of these types of sets I can happily pass on – Tier One, Tribute, 5-Star – while others I often find myself inexplicably drawn to – Triple Threads and the subject of my latest product preview, Museum Collection!

Have a look at what the 2014 set has to offer by clicking on the link below –

2014 Topps Museum Collection Sell Sheet

On the surface things look pretty much the same as this year (and 2012 for that matter) with a few aesthetic changes thrown in, particularly around the quad relics! Take a look below to see what I mean –







Huge patches I’m always pretty indifferent on! While some of them look nice I’m usually a bit ‘meh’ about the whole endeavour! However one aspect of next year’s release that really stands out for me – bordering on the downright beautiful – are the autographs!!


All ‘on-card’ and coming in several different parallels (along with dual and triple versions) it looks as if a lot of work has gone into changing the design of the 2014 autographs and in my opinion it’s for the better! Can’t wait to see some more of these!

So overall it’s pretty much what we’ve seen before, but in the case with Topps Museum Collection, it’s not something I mind at all!

Nice looking cards but sadly too high a price for me to get too excited about, unless there’s something that jumps out at me when they hit the secondary market!


5 thoughts on “2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Preview

  1. That Cespedes/Harvey/Trout/Puig relic card is ridiculous. I also really liked the Bo Jackson signature that was shown on the sell sheet. I have a hard time paying the premium prices on these products, as the odds are never favorable for you to pull one of the cards on your wish list. I’d rather be disappointed by a $2-3 pack of cards than one that costs $15+.

  2. That Cespedes/Harper/Trout/Puig… Wow. I’m tempted to not eat this year and blow my entire student loan on a box of these just for a chance at that beauty.

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