2013/14 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Preview

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a short post back on 9th August announcing (no – more like “shouting from the rooftops”) the forthcoming release of Topps’ first official trading card set dedicated to the Barclays Premier League!

No, I’m sorry Topps Attax, but you most certainly don’t bloody count!

Now, this will be a Football card set and I won’t make any apologies for not calling it anything other than that! Topps may well label it up as ‘Soccer’ but to anyone outside the US, Football is what it will be!

I mentioned back in that post two weeks ago that although I set The Wax Fantastic up as a Baseball card blog 12 months ago I’d be remiss if I didn’t cover this set (along with any other Premier League sets) that Topps are kind enough to release in the future! I also promised to try and keep you as up to date as possible with any details about this set as they emerge, so here we are with the first official product release details straight from Topps!

2013/14 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Sell Sheet

Topps has gone for the high-end release with this particular set and this might not be a bad thing as a way of introducing collectors to the wonders of the English Premier League. Good quality cards with a varied array of game-used relics and autographs will hopefully strike just the right balance to draw collectors in! Picking up a box of this may well be out of the price range of most collector’s when it comes out but I get the feeling that there will be a healthy singles market springing from this set!!

If the set is a success then I’m hoping that a ‘proper’ trading card release will be just around the corner, something akin to one of the base Topps US sports with 300+ cards per set and a handful of inserts and a relic/auto per box! This will give us more players from more teams, and will be a true representation of what we’d expect from a Premier League Football card set!!

Hats off to Topps for having the stones to produce a product like this. Football is easily the most followed sport across the world and the Barclay’s Premiership arguably the most prominent and supported league!

Topps has effectively lit the torch, now it’s up to the rest of us to carry it and ensure that this set is the success it deserves to be, paving the way for more Football related products from Topps in the future!


6 thoughts on “2013/14 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Preview

  1. How long ago was the last real football set? I collected Pro Set back in ’90-91 and never saw another one over here, but surely there must have been something.

  2. I know!! Seems like such a missed opportunity, but all we’ve had to live with in the UK all these years are the stickers and the Match Attax sets!

    I’m hoping this will all lead to bigger things as there’s such a huge market across the world to make this a real success for Topps

  3. Hello, Topps has been releasing upmarket English Premier League soccer collections for well over a decade. Topps keep changing the name because the release fails, Topps Authentics, etc…
    Soccer card collectors have got burnt long ago from these releases due to Topps dumping product at a fraction of the initial issue price.
    Pick up the Ebay bargains after.

    1. Hi Gerry!

      I wasn’t even aware of these!!! Wow!!

      Any idea if these were released for the UK market only?

      If they were how were they distributed?

      It’ll be interesting to see if a more widely distributed and promoted product succeeds where these other sets perhaps failed!

      I still worry that’s it’s too high-end and we really need a lower-end product that will be available at a more basic retail level. Cheaper packs prices to bring the kids in!! Be great to see cards being traded in schools like the Attax cards are!

      Thanks for your input!!

  4. “Hats off to Topps for having the stones to produce a product like this. Football is easily the most followed sport across the world and the Barclay’s Premiership arguably the most prominent and supported league!”

    I completely agree.
    Sadly for us European Sports Trading Cards Collectors there are only two options. Collecting cheap looking Match Attax/Adrenalyn cards of your favorite sport or collecting beautiful cards from “America´s big 4” where you can not even watch the games here on free TV and hardly know any players.
    I hope this will change in the future. TOPPS does have exclusive rights for the English Premier league and our Bundesliga. They should use them.

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