An Allen & Ginter’s Trade

Continuing our ongoing A&G theme I just wanted to let you know of a recent trade I completed with a fellow UK collector and Cardinals fan, Jeff Vernon!

Jeff ordered four boxes of Ginter and bust them all last Friday, I’ve put a link to his review in the A&G Review Hub (Jeff’s Collection’s) or you can click here to have a look. There was a nice selection of cards from the looks of things, including a Shelby Miller mini framed auto and a redemption for a Don Mattingly mini framed auto! Not too shabby!!

So I had a look at his ‘Wants List’ and sent him some singles from 2013 Archives, and in return I got the following –

Madison Bumgarner Mini Framed Jersey Relic


I know that these mini relics really divide opinion, especially around the design of the borders. And while it’s true that they’ve lost some of their colour and sparkle over the last few years, I really have to admit to loving this year’s border design. Particularly the ‘art deco’ themed one that encases the Bumgarner above.

So this was a no-brainer! Nice looking card and the my daughter’s almost end up pissing themselves laughing whenever they hear the name ‘Bumgarner’! Kids, eh?

And as an aside you can pop over to Night Owl Cards for a great examination of the A&G mini frames over the last few years!

‘People on Bicycles’ Mini Insert


I’ve written at length about my love of the non-Baseball minis that have littered Ginter throughout the years! And despite the fact that I’ve already tried to (unsuccessfully) put a few of these sets together before I still like the idea of having another stab at them.

There’s just something so – I dunno – collectable about them!!

Paul Goldschmidt Mini Framed Autograph


While it looks as if that the D’Backs young slugger is the latest in a long line of illegible signers (I’ve decided to christen them ‘The Squiggle Squad’) I was really happy to get hold of this! Goldschmidt is a beast and this card is definitely a keeper!!

Back in late 2010, just as I’d just returned to the Hobby, I bought a retail box of 2010 Allen & Ginter’s! It was something of an impulse buy at the time but it did pay dividends as I pulled a Clayton Kershaw mini framed auto. Unfortunately I eBayed it not long after and I’ve come to regret that decision for obvious reasons.

So from this point forward any auto’s that I get like this, even if they aren’t Cardinals players, I’ll be keeping hold of, thank you very much!!


So overall I was very happy with these three cards (along with the few extra singles that he threw in)! I did try and pry the Mattingly redemption off him but no joy 🙂

So many thanks for the cards Jeff! Lets hope we can do it again soon!!


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