2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball Preview

And finally here it is!! The one we’ve all been waiting for!

Usually the first to arrive on our collecting doorsteps, for 2014 year Topps has messed around with their release schedule, a schedule that will first see Tribute AND Heritage hit before the flagship product!

But wait no longer, good reader!! Details of 2014 Topps Baseball are upon us!

2014 Topps Baseball Sell Sheet

As always I’ve linked in the sell sheet so just click on the above to get all the juicy details for what Topps have got in store for us! And remember – THE FUTURE IS NOW!!

So, lets see what we’ve got:

  • A 330-card base set – Check
  • One per Hobby box relic/autograph (three per Jumbo box) – Check
  • Manufactured ‘commemorative’ relics – Check
  • Retro-styled minis – Check
  • Far too many parallels for a player collector to reasonably expect to get their hands on – Check
  • A plethora of inserts that mainly exist to make up the numbers and bulk out the product – Check

OK! On the surface things look pretty much the same as 2013 (and 2012)! There are a couple items that have got my attention these being the clear acetate base parallels and the introduction of Strata to its first Baseball release! And the minis look great as always!

But overall I’m struggling with next year’s release a little. Firstly it’s too ‘samey’ as the last couple of years. Aside from the two inserts I mentioned above next year’s release is a carbon copy of this year’s. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I guess!

The second issue I have is with the base card!


Basically I’m not a big fan. I loved the 2013 version as soon as I saw it, but this one? Really not sold yet! You never know, it might grow on me! Maybe it’s just the horrible position of the team name down the right-hand side of the card?

Who knows? Let me know what the rest of you guys think!

2014 Topps Baseball – Hit or Miss??


6 thoughts on “2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball Preview

  1. Looks like a lot of the same. I still don’t get why on the base card design they put the team logo down on the left corner why spell out the team name on the “hinge” on the right side?

  2. I don’t like the design at all. It’s too swoopy and cluttered. I like a clean design, and this is definitely not clean. There is too much border and not enough picture. Definitely a step down from this year’s set.

    1. The ‘Future Stars’ doesn’t help on the Puig example. The other base look ‘better’ without that… less clutter. But still!

      That ‘team plate’ just seems unnecessary!

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