Allen & Ginter is busted!

Here’s a reblog from a fellow UK-based collector, Jeff Vernon! Jeff is a man of impeccable style and taste (he’s a Cardinals fan, naturally) and he just loves bustin’ wax and building his collections!! Here’s his own review of a 4-box break of Allen & Ginter’s!! Enjoy!!!

Jeffs Collections

So 4 boxes arrived yesterday and 4 boxes have been opened today. How did I do? Well I didn’t do as good as last years 4 boxes…..which isn’t surprising when last years boxes contained a 1/1 Verlander Printing Plate and a #/5 Jackie Robinson Rip Card.

But I did alright. My aim with Ginter is going to be to complete the base set and all the inserts (full size and mini) and to get all the Cardinals relics and to that end I have made very good progress. Beyond that it depends on what hits I get as to what I do with them (ie keep, make available for trade or sell)

First out the box is of course the box toppers so lets take a look at the 4 that I got :

A&G 1 TroutA&G 6 WWA&G 10 WWA&G 14 Mig

Now I actually like both these sets a lot. Last year I had no interest in…

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