I Heart COMC

Yesterday saw me receive a Bob Gibson relic from my buddy James Ruffin over in Alabama! That’s a pretty cool start to the day if you ask me! I mean, how can you really top that?

Well, you can always arrive at work and find yourself a new package waiting for you from COMC – that’s how!!!

And now that my fledgling Bob Gibson collection has almost doubled in size, I feel as if I can finally and justifiably call it a ‘collection’!!

Here’s what I got!


From top left to bottom right –

2012 Gypsy Queen #237 – Blue Border Parallel #’d 010/599
2012 Gypsy Queen #237 – Brown Border Parallel
2013 Gypsy Queen #80 – Blue Border Parallel #’d 012/499
2013 Topps Museum Collection #5
2013 Topps Museum Collection #5 – Copper Parallel #’d 038/424
2013 Topps Museum Collection #5 – Green Parallel #’d 068/199


2011 Gypsy Queen #44
2011 Gypsy Queen #44 – Green Border Parallel
2011 Gypsy Queen #44 – Brown Border Parallel #’d 440/999
2012 Topps Tribute #23 – Blue Parallel #’d 046/199
2012 Topps Triple Threads #86
2013 Topps Tribute #81


2012 Panini Prizm #137 – Prizm Refractor Parallel
2012 Leaf Memories #556 – #’d 04/99
2012 Allen & Ginter’s #311 SP
2012 Gypsy Queen #237
2012 Topps 1987 Mini – TM-86
2011 Topps Kimbal Champions – KC-65
2011 Gypsy Queen #44 – Mini
2013 Gypsy Queen #80 – Mini
2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge


You know there’s no better feeling than receiving a whole load of cards in the mail that will end up going straight into your PC!!

Now I’ve got to build my PayPal funds up once again before I can go shopping for more 😦

And that’s the flip side I guess, that once you’ve acquired a taste for receiving packages of cards in the mail it’s pretty hard to shake the feeling, and you’re just left wanting more!!

And more!!

And more!!

Like cardboard crack!!


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