Topps FINALLY Releases A PROPER Football Set


I honestly never thought this would happen but Topps has finally got round to releasing a proper football set based on the English Premier League as opposed to the activities that take place on the gridiron!!

Yup!! Although this has nothing to do with Baseball or Baseball cards I just couldn’t let this one get past me without bringing it to your attention.

Click here to see the details courtesy of the guys over at Cardboard Connection!!

It’s called 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold Soccer and it will be out in December 2013. Unfortunately it will be a high-end release but hopefully, if successful enough, it may well lead on to other sets of this ilk!!

Card fans in the UK and across Europe (probably even across the world) have been waiting for something like this for some considerable time and I hope that Topps delivers a truly great product!

Football done proper!! Awesome!!

More details about this set as they materialise!!


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