A Letter From America

Just before heading out to work today I found a padded envelope sitting on my doorstep that’s spent the last few days winding its way over from America!

Alabama to be precise!!

In it contained this piece of cardboard awesomeness from my good friend and fellow Cardinals fan – James Ruffin!

This Bob Gibson ‘King of Kings’ jersey relic is a pretty rare insert from 2001 Topps, seeded at a rate of 1:2056 packs, and while there are a few cards from this set floating around on eBay they tend to be going for higher than average prices. After all, you have to remember that back in 2001 there wasn’t the proliferation of relic cards (bats or jerseys) inserted into packs like there are today.

So as a result this will be taking a proud position as part of my Hoot collection as it marks only his second jersey card that I’ve gotten my hands on!

Back in June I sent James an Adam Wainwright dual relic #’d/99, from 2013 Tribute, for his birthday and this was his way of returning the favour for my birthday, which is just under a month away.

I was never blessed (or cursed, depending on which way you look at it) with any siblings, so it’s thanks to Twitter and this blog that I met James. And through a shared love of the St Louis Cardinals and Baseball cards I’m proud to call him my ‘collecting’ brother!

Wow, getting a bit emotional there!!! Feels like I’m tearing up!

Thank you, my friend, for this awesome card!! It’s forever appreciated!


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