2014 Topps Heritage Baseball Preview

Yesterday’s preview of Topps’ first 2014 Baseball card output had me a little concerned over the lack of imagination and innovation that had gone into such a high-end product, a factor that had ultimately left it looking very similar to this year’s Tribute release! I voiced my concerns that this was becoming de rigueur for a number Topps sets recently and that products would end up suffering for it.

The same criticism can be levelled at their second 2014 release – Heritage Baseball – but rather than impeding this particular brand, this continuity from one year to another is actually what collectors of Heritage have come to expect, and which is why it remains one of Topps most popular baseball releases, year after year after year!

Based upon the vintage design of 1965 Topps Baseball, this is one set that I’ve been looking forward to over the last few years. Damn, I love me some of that 1965 Topps!!!

Have a read of what’s going into 2014 Heritage Baseball by clicking on the link below –

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball

Looking good Topps, looking good!!

The overall content is pretty much a carbon copy of the 2013 set, and given how well this year’s Heritage was received I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing! No doubt the error and variation cards will bring in the big bucks as per usual, and the stamps, hot iron transfers and gold embossed cards will bring a nice touch of ‘old school’ insert goodness to proceedings!

— Sigh — I can’t believe they’re bringing back those ugly-ass gold embossed cards!! Yuck!!

I don’t usually pay much attention to the Buyback cards but this year’s sample selection from Gilligan’s Island, King Kong and Flash Gordon may well just change my mind!

Topps Heritage has a huge collector base and is always a sure-fire hit for Topps. From the looks of things I don’t see anything changing with next years release and it may well end up being the first Heritage set that I have a bash at putting together myself come next March!


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