2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Preview

It wasn’t until around the middle of August last year that Topps released the first details of it’s 2013 flagship product. So it came with with some surprise when Topps released the details of their first 2014 product sometime in the second half of July, and perhaps even more surprising that it wasn’t Topps Baseball Series 1.

Nope, from the looks of things Topps’ first product release of the 2014 Baseball card calendar is Topps Tribute and you can check out all the details by clicking on this link –

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball

Now this strikes me as a bit strange, especially as the 2013 iteration of Tribute was only released in May of this year.

So are we to assume that Topps is doing some sort of major reshuffling of it’s Baseball card calendar? Since the Tribute details hit the internet last month another product sheet has been released (details of that coming tomorrow), and it still isn’t the flagship set!!

Mmmmm, very interesting!! (Or not, depending on how excited you get about this sort of thing)!

But what about the 2014 Topps Tribute set? Well from what I’ve seen so far I have to say that it’s pretty much business as usual, and it’s safe to say I’m overwhelmingly underwhelmed!!

You see, it all looks real purdy – as always – but apart from from usual design changes I don’t really see anything different here from what we’ve seen before. In fact this feels like it’s starting to become a pattern for Topps of late. It looks as if innovation has been pushed to one side in favour of the ‘safe bet’, and we’re getting pretty much the same sets released year after year!

Of course it might be the case that there’s nothing left to innovate any more. Maybe there’s nothing new that Baseball cards have left to offer in terms of general design and overall aesthetic! Perhaps ‘much of the same’ is all we’re destined for over the coming years?

I hope not, but if 2014 Topps Tribute Baseball is anything to go by strongly suspect that ‘much of the same’ is what we’ll be getting!


2 thoughts on “2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Preview

  1. Panini has had the same issue with their basketball and football products. It’s very difficult to tell their stuff apart. At least Topps is keeping it within one product. Maybe Topps and Panini should exchange product designers to throw us collectors for a loop. Regardless… that Tribute dual of Ryan and Darvish is mighty fine.

    1. Ha Ha – That’s the problem though, isn’t it?

      As annoying as these issues can often be, the cards themselves, when looked at on their own merits, are still bloody lovely!


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