The 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention – In Review

If various reports and anecdotes dotted around the net are to believed, the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) was a rip-roaring success!! But why take the word of someone who was 6231 km (3863 miles) away from where it was all going down?? I certainly wouldn’t!!!

I’ve spent the weekend trawling over the web to share with you some of the stories that I’ve been reading and getting a real kick out of! Since this was the first NSCC that has run since I started this blog I really wanted to try and absorb as much of the experience as I could through eyes and words of others who were actually there!

One day (no doubt after the phantom lottery win that I’m predicting for myself) I’ll attend the NSCC! One day I’ll get to experience the sights, sounds, smells and other stuff on show all for myself! From what I can gather it’s pretty much one of those ‘you have to be there to believe it’ events, and one that’s sadly out of the reach of the majority of overseas sports card collectors. Hell, it’s probably out of reach for most collectors in the US as well, unless you’re in a position to fork out a hefty chunk of cash on travel, accommodation and food/drink! And that’s before you even begin to look for the odd bit of spare change to spend on cards!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the (second-hand) experiences that the NSCC has to offer in this little round up.

I’m drawing on the observations of some of my favourite Hobby insiders and it’s these good folks who deserve the credit for all the hard work they put in bringing the Convention to us. So thanks go out to Rich Mueller from Sports Collector’s Daily, Adam Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored and Chris Olds, Susan Lulgjuraj and Dan Good from Beckett Media. If I’ve missed anyone then please accept my apologies, let me know and I’ll add you in.

Sports Collector’s Daily have put together a great set of images and articles collated from their own site mixed in with other hobby news sources and social media. It’s all available through their Storify account and viewable through the following links –

2013 National Sports Collectors Convention – Day 1

2013 National Sports Collectors Convention – Day 2

2013 National Sports Collectors Convention – Day 3

2013 National Sports Collectors Convention – Final Day

Gellman gives us his own unique perspective here –

2013 National Convention – Day One in the books

2013 National Convention Day Two Wrap Up

2013 National Convention Day Three Wrap Up

2013 National Convention Day Four Wrap Up

You can find all of Beckett Media’s tagged ‘NCSS’ stories by clicking on this link –

Beckett Media at the National

And from a card manufacturers perspective you can have a read of Panini’s exploits courtesy of Tracy Hackler (with a little help from Dan Campana) over at The Knight’s Lance.

There are other sources available as well and if you spend some time on Google then no doubt you’ll be able to pick up a few other interesting titbits!


For those of you who did make it to the National then I hope you had a truly amazing time. I won’t hide how envious I am, in fact I pretty much hate you all – there, I said it! 🙂 But more importantly, thanks for sharing your stories and experiences, and bringing the weekend to life for the rest of us who weren’t able to make it!!

You can follow all of the above names on Twitter, if you don’t already:

Rich Mueller – @SportsCollector

Adam Gellman – @SCUncensored

Chris Olds – @chrisolds2009

Susan Lulgjuraj – @yanxchick or @SoozOnSports

Dan Good – @Dgood73

Tracy Hackler – @TracyHackler

Dan Campana – @dscampana

Panini America – @PaniniAmerica


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