‘Jumbo’ Hoot

Happy smiles all round this morning as Mr Postman came a-callin’ once again!!

This time he brought me my latest Bob Gibson acquisition from the ‘Hallowed Halls’ of the 2013 Topps Museum Collection!


This gorgeous Jumbo Jersey is #’d 26/50 and even has a stitch line, or possibly a pulled thread, running from top to bottom about a third of the way across from the left!

This is my first Gibson relic cards and no doubt won’t be the last! Add this to the 21 Gibby singles that I’ve just picked up off COMC and my new PC is starting to come along nicely!

Not sure how to approach this one though!

I’m thinking of blitzing as many of his recent singles and parallels (2010 to present) as I can to bulk things out a bit, and then I’ll concentrate on some of his vintage cards – as and when I see one that I like the look of!

I’m more than happy to entertain trades as well if you have any Gibson singles floating around!!


“It is not something I earned or acquired or bought. It is a gift. It is something that was given to me – just like the color of my skin.”

– Bob Gibson talking about pitching in ‘From Ghetto to Glory’ (1968)

Bob Gibson is awesome!!


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