A Case Breaker’s (Half) Year in Review

If you have followed this blog since its inception in September last year (thank you very much), or if you’re a follower of the Baseball card Hobby on Twitter, a gentleman who goes by the name of Brent Williams shouldn’t be too much of a stranger to you.

Brent has been a card collector for well over 25 years and a seller/trader for over 15 years! He’s become renowned for the huge volume of product that he gets hold of on a yearly basis, which he breaks down and sells on to his vast army of loyal customers. Each new product that Topps releases is usually a pretty exciting time as, thanks to Brent, you get to see things through the eyes of a gen-u-ine case breaker!

The volume of cases that Brent opens is usually far beyond what us mere mortals can afford so it’s really fascinating to gain his insight into a side of the Hobby that most of us aren’t ever privy to. If any of you are on Twitter and don’t already follow Brent then I urge you to do so now – @brentandbecca

One of the other things that I like about Brent is that he always (to me at least) stands out as a voice of reason in what’s sometimes a divisive and frustrating hobby. In an environment where company and card bashing is often rife, I know that I can always read what Brent writes and feel that there’s a carefully thought through and rational point behind it. Like the rest of us Brent is incredibly passionate about what he does, from both a collecting and selling standpoint, but he doesn’t tend to let that passion cloud his judgement when it comes to writing about and discussing the Hobby we all know and love!

He’s always been helpful to me when discussing aspects of the Hobby that I didn’t fully appreciate, especially in The Wax Fantastic’s earlier days, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Brent also writes semi-regularly for Ryan over at The Cardboard Connection, and if you’re wondering where I was going with the ‘Brent Williams Appreciation Piece’ above then it’s primarily to draw your attention to his latest article which looks at Brent’s thoughts on what he’s been opening so far in 2013, and what he expects from the second half of the year!

He also discusses ‘The Power of Puig’ (I reckon I should get that trademarked).

As you might expect it’s a really interesting piece so please go and give it a read –

2013 Topps Baseball Cards Mid-Year Review: A Case Breaker’s Take

Thanks for taking the time!!


2 thoughts on “A Case Breaker’s (Half) Year in Review

  1. Great post Andy!

    The thing I like most about Brent is that he doesn’t just treat you great when you spend hundreds of dollars or more, but he treats you great if you’re just dropping a few bucks. For someone like me who has all but sworn off buying new Topps product unopened, he’s a Godsend. There are a lot of breakers out there, some of who are cheaper, but none can match his level of service. He’s honest, reliable and fair. I’d rather give my money to him than Topps any day of the week.

    1. Hey Chris!

      Completely agree with you on everything there. We need guys like Brent around as they bring a great balance to the Hobby, from a sellers perspective as well as a collectors perspective!

      And as an aside, I loved your post the other day on J-Hey’s autograph. I’ll probably put together some sort of award show later this year with a special category for player autos.

      I’ll probably call it “The Brett Lawrie Award for Indecipherable Signatures”, or something like that 🙂

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