I Just Love This eBay Listing!!!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t draw your attention to a card I’d just found on eBay just to poke fun at the listing!!

Honestly, I feel really mean doing this!!

But every now and then even I have to succumb to my mischievous side and this caught me in one of ‘those’ moments. I can fully appreciate that there are dozens of other cards out there that should rank higher up the oddity-scale than this one, but given the nature of the card in question and the not-too-tiny asking price, I can’t help but feel that the seller might have done a bit of a better job with the overall presentation!

Here’s the card –

Now this is one NICE card!! You might even describe it as “sicksick” as our seller here has!! And at just under $2000?!?!? WOW!!!!! Imagine how that listing would have stood out if the seller had managed to find the ‘Shift’ key or CAPS LOCK?

But I know that none of us are perfect. I’m amazed at how many posts I do on this blog that are riddled with spelling mistakes, and I often feel that the Gods of Syntax are constantly staring down at me with furrowed brows!

But let’s have a look at the description –

I’m not saying a word!! Nope! Not me sir!! Not a single word!

OK then!!

I’m pretty sure a spellcheck wouldn’t have gone down amiss here, and what’s with the rather worrying preoccupation with THAT sweat stain??? The “real” one, as opposed to the… well, I dunno!! All I know is that it’s waaaaayyy better than a 3 colour jersey and that it’s “supernice”!

But who am I to sit here and judge? Maybe I’m completely missing the point and a card like this will ultimately sell itself, irrespective of what the listing looks like! I just felt that a Koufax as rare as this could have – should have – been better served, that’s all!

Despite what I say, I hope the seller gets a whole wedge of cash for this beauty of a Baseball card! I guess it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime pulls that somehow seem to completely elude me!

A really nice pull!

Sicksick, one might say!


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