Return to the Golden Age

Yesterday I highlighted an insert from Panini’s latest Golden Age Baseball set that really stood out from crowd as something new and innovative. The particular insert set in question was a collection of beautifully designed and rendered playing cards containing images from the base set and featuring ball players, entertainers, historical figures, and all other manner of weird and wonderful things that Panini has thrown together for this release!

But this set isn’t just about the ‘oddities’ of the collecting world! There’s also a throwback to a card set from the 30’s – Delong Gum Baseball!

I’ve said it on numerous occasions before I’m a bit of a sucker for these old-school card sets, and the Delong set really stands out as something quite eye-catching!

Definitely one of the more attractive sets from that era, 1933 Delong Baseball was the only set ever produced by the gum company. It only consisted of 24 cards but since a number of the players depicted went on to become join the ranks in Cooperstown the original cards have become highly collectable in their own right!

Check out this one of Lou Gehrig that’s currently doing the rounds on the ‘Bay!

Here’s a few of the cards you’ll find in Golden Age Baseball –

delong_lajoie delong_musial delong_wood

Cool, eh?

This 30 card set is seeded at roughly two cards per box, so it’s a little bit more challenge to put together than some of the insert sets that Golden Age Baseball has to offer. But if you’ve got a taste for something a bit more old-school then you can’t go far wrong with Panini’s version of Delong Baseball!!

Of course, if you’ve got a few thousand $$$$ spare then you could have a go at putting the original set together!

What fun is life if it doesn’t have its challenges? 🙂


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      1. I was. Had a very busy week at work though. Hopefully back to normal now so look for a contri some time soon!

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