Happy Father’s Day!

Firstly I’d like to start by wishing all of you Dad’s out there a very happy Father’s Day!!

In the UK we don’t make any where near as big a deal out of Father’s Day as we do Mother’s Day, and rightly so! I’d happily forgo any celebration related to fatherhood in favour of celebrating those special ladies in our lives —

Hold on a sec…

It’s OK, the wife’s left the room now!!

So happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!! It’s our day today so lets make the most of it 🙂

And secondly I’d like to take a few moments to thank a fellow UK-based Baseball card collector, Adam Marsden!

A few weeks ago I was talking to Adam over Twitter and he mentioned that he’d picked up some Prizm Baseball. At that point I hadn’t physically seen any of those awesome looking cards so Adam promised to send a few my way.

Weeks past and I completely forgot about it until a package arrived on Friday containing this little lot –

Not settling with just the Prizm cards, Adam has sent me a whole selection of goodies, including some random Orioles cards as well!

Look close enough and you’ll also see a Bryce Harper rookie and an Adam Jones autograph (I love Adam Jones as well so this was a fantastic surprise)!!

Adam has gone above and beyond the call with these cards, and he has my eternal gratitude. I know that he’s going through the process of reassessing his collection at the moment with a view to starting a new collection.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to help him wherever and whenever I can!


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