White Bordered Heaven

A couple of days ago I told you about my love of the new white-bordered retail parallels from this years Gypsy Queen. You can read about it here if you missed it the first time around 2013 Gypsy Queen – A Parallel Appreciation.

With a complete set of 102 non-sequential cards, this white-bordered set looks incredible and should be challenging, but not impossible, to put together.

As you saw my first three cards were of Will Clark, Jason Werth and Duke Snider and I was very happy with that start! However today I received these through the post to bolster the collection even further –


Eight more packs each containing three cards per pack!

And here’s what was inside them –

Mark Scutaro, Bob Gibson and Jose Reyes

Andy Pettitte, Carlton Fisk and Brooks Robinson

Jason Kipnis, Matt Moore and Miguel Montero

Derek Holland, Brooks Robinson and Carlton Fisk

Jacoby Ellsbury, Ryan Vogelsong and Prince Fielder

Chris Davis, Ike Davis and Josh Willingham

Ian Rutledge, Coco Crisp and Ian Desmond

Mark Buehrle, Coco Crisp and Austin Jackson

24 new cards with 3 dupes!!

I did wonder if the makeup of each three-card pack was the same but this clearly shows that they are randomised!

I’ve now got dupes of Carlton Fisk, Brooks Robinson and Coco Crisp if anyone’s interested! Just let me know!!

God, I just love these cards!!

24 down, 78 to go!


5 thoughts on “White Bordered Heaven

    1. Oh by the way… There’s a Fielder, Cabrera, Verlander, Cobb, Kaline and Kell in this set for the Tigers!

      Any dupes I get of these will be heading your way!!

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