And The Cardinals Autos Just Keep On Comin’

It’s been a few weeks since I was last able to add to my Cardinals collection of certified autographs, but two more turned up in post last week courtesy of eBay!

So without further ado I give you –

2009 Upper Deck (Series 2)

Mike Parisi

Sorry Mike, but I had to Google you as well 🙂

I got this card off a seller in the UK, and although Mr Parisi might not have any value to anyone other than a Cardinals collector, and autograph collector, or a member of the immediate Parisi famili family, at its ridiculously low price I couldn’t really pass it up!

Mike Parisi was drafted by the Cards in the 9th round of the 2004 draft, and made his debut on May 5th 2008. He pitched in a total of 12 games for the Cardinals in 2008, with two starts. His ERA was 8.22 and he had 13 strikeouts and 15 walks. In November of 2008 he was demoted back down to AAA.

After passing through the Cubs’ farm system his contract was purchased by the Dodgers in 2011 and he went on to start for the Albuquerque Isotopes in the 2012 season, before ending up on the DL from May 2012 onwards!

It remains to be seen whether he gets another shot at ‘The Show’ at some point in the future!

2001 SP Authentic

J.D. Drew

J.D. Drew certainly needs less of an introduction than Mike Parisi. This auto comes from SP Authentic’s ‘Chirography’ series, and although there are cheaper Drew auto options on the market this one is my favourite. I just LOVE the simple and minimalistic design of these cards!

Drafted by the Phillies with the #2 pick in the 1997 Draft, Drew (at the advice of agent Scott Boras) refused to sign for anything less than $10 million. The Phillies refused to pay such a large amount for an unproven player so Drew ended up playing in the independent Northern League for the 1997 season. He re-entered the 1998 Draft where he was then drafted at #5 by the Cardinals!

After playing 26 games at AAA Memphis Drew was recalled to the Majors and made his MLB-debut on September 8th 1998, the night that Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris’ single season home run record!

Unfortunately Drew’s career with the Cardinals was blighted by injury and he had a stint on the DL each season between 1998 and 2003. Eventually the Cards decided that enough was enough and Drew was traded, along with catcher Eli Marrero, to the Braves for Jason Marquis, reliever Ray King and a young starter by the name of Adam Wainwright.

The fact that we got Wainwright out of that trade means that I won’t be losing any sleep over that trade, despite the fact that it happened almost 10 years ago!

Drew went on to have success with the Braves, Dodgers and the Red Sox before retiring from professional Baseball in 2011!


So there we are then. Two more certified Cardinals autographs takes my collection total to 15!!

Who knows what’s up next? (That was rhetorical, by the way)


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