The 2013 Topps Archives Baseball Review Hub

Here we go again!! Another in a long line of Topps releases in the first half of the year!

2013 Topps Archives hit the streets yesterday!! I was a huge fan of last years set but wasn’t as sold on this years based upon early views! I love the notion of producing cards of modern players in old designs but it is an idea that can run out of steam pretty quick!

However I may well be swayed as I start to see more appear on eBay and hopefully I get hold of a blaster or two in the not-too-distant future!

Anyway, here’s the latest review hub in all it’s splendour!! Remember if you see any reviews for 2013 Archives Baseball out there please send them along and I’ll post the links here!

Beckett Media Box Busters

The Pack Gambler

Sports Collectors Daily

Bob D’Angelo’s – The Sports Bookie


The Cards Infinity Video Break (starring Chris Justice)


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