2013 Gypsy Queen – A Parallel Appreciation


Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s always plenty of ’em!!

There’s no way of avoiding parallels in any product these days. Whether it’s the multiple coloured bordered parallels that you find in the main Topps set to the multiple chrome refractors you find littered around Topps’ various Chrome releases!

ALL of Topps’ Baseball releases have parallels of some description – I can’t think of one that doesn’t (except maybe 5-Star Baseball, perhaps) and they are loved and loathed in equal measure, by set builders and player collectors alike.

Usually I stay clear of them, although I’m probably going to have to rethink that strategy now that I’ve embarked on a career of player collecting!

But this year’s Gypsy Queen has provided me with a nice diversion into the world of parallel collecting.

GQ is one of those products that, along with Allen & Ginter’s, is more famous for it’s mini parallels than anything else. But if you look past the minis you’ll find that GQ has another surprise up its sleeve in the form of a blue bordered (#’d/499) and white bordered (retail exclusive) paper parallel.

I’ve spoken about the blue parallels before after a recent Kidder Cards box break that I took part in and which yielded me these two beauties –

The really special thing about these cards is that the border actually acts as a raised frame from the rest of the card. It gives the card a really different effect from most other cards that you’ll find around and makes it a little bit, well – different!

Now, as much as I like the blue bordered cards, the retail-exclusive white bordered versions raise the bar a little bit higher due to the simple and minimalistic design!

I got hold of this retail value pack off eBay last week and as far as I’m aware it’s the only place to get these white bordered parallels from (although they might be in the packs themselves, I don’t know – I’ve not actually busted any of the packs yet to find out).

Inside the pack you get one of these sealed ‘mini’ packs which contains three white bordered parallels, the only one that’s visible is the one on the back.

The brilliant thing about this set is that Topps has only made parallels of 102 of the base cards! This means that you don’t have to track down the 300+ cards that would form a full parallel set, which in turn makes the idea of putting together a complete set of white bordered parallels more enticing and infinitely achievable!

So for that reason I’ve decided to give it a go!! And the fact that the cards look absolutely gorgeous up close (apologies but the pictures below don’t really do them justice)!

Here are my first additions!

Will Clark, Jason Werth and Duke Snider!

I’ve just purchased eight more sealed packs off eBay which should be with me next week!

3 down, 99 to go!


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