Our Friends In The North

I’ve just come back from a business trip to Scotland, and while there I managed to find the time to meet up with fellow UK-based collector, Glenn Codere!

Around March of 2012 I started looking for other UK Baseball card collectors in an effort to get some sort of network together for the purposes of trades and general card-related chit chat! This decision (although unknown to me at the time) would set the wheels in motion for the creation of this very blog that you’re reading today!

However, it was that initial Google search – “baseball card collectors UK” – that first threw up a post that Glenn had put on a collecting forum a couple of years earlier.

So I emailed him, and then went on my merry way looking for other collectors! It took a few months before Glenn got back to me as my original message went to an email account that he’d pretty much stopped using, and when he replied and we got to talking about collecting. The blog was pretty much good to go by this point so I told him all about that and he jumped on board as one of my first subscribers! We’ve been in touch pretty regularly ever since and he’s a frequent commenter (is that a even a real word?) on my posts!

I’ve already spoken about Glenn previously but just to fill you in he was born in Detroit but moved to Scotland a fair few decades ago. He’s a vintage and Detroit Tigers collector primarily, with Heritage being pretty much his only real luxury when it comes to modern cards!

He has complete sets of Topps from 1968 onwards and an absolute shedload of other stuff from before then. He’s got Tigers cards going all the way back to the turn of the century (that’s the 20th and not the 21st :)). There was even a Ty Cobb card from the 1920’s!! I initially went in with the intention of taking a few photos of Glenn’s collection but decided against it while I was there – there was just no way I could have done it any kind of justice.

While there we exchanged a few cards, and I was lucky enough to receive this awesome autograph of Bobby Thomson from 2002 Topps Finest!

Glenn’s a big Thomson collector as well, which is hardly surprising as Thomson was born in Glasgow in 1923 and was nicknamed ‘The Staten Island Scot’ during his career!

I now regret not having taken any pictures that I could have shared with you all. This was the first time that I’d ever been around a ‘proper’ Baseball card collection – a collection that had been built up over decades with appreciation, patience and an incredible love of the Hobby! I was completely in my element and unfortunately there was nowhere enough time to take it all in! Heaven only knows when I’ll get the chance to do it again!

When ‘The Wax Fantastic’ was in its infancy, Glenn offered to to write some posts on vintage cards for the blog. I loved the idea but wanted to get the things established before bringing someone else on board. Having caught up with Glenn last night I talked the topic over with him again and luckily for me (and hopefully for you good folks) he’s agreed to start contributing!!

I’m painfully aware that I don’t cover vintage Baseball as much as I’d like, and this is primarily due to the fact that I don’t collect vintage cards and don’t know a great deal about the topic! So I’ve decided it’s about time I handed it over to the professionals!

This means that very soon you’ll start to see some posts appearing from Glenn. He’s a great writer and has a wealth of collecting experience to share with us! Personally I can’t wait!!

All that remains is to thank Glenn, and his wife Maureen, for their hospitality and for inviting me into their home. Hey, I could have turned out to be some kind of crazed lunatic, you know!! Trust me, I’ve got the eyes for it 🙂

And a special thanks to Glenn for sharing a truly wonderful collection with me!


4 thoughts on “Our Friends In The North

    1. I wanted to stay clear of the ribs and wings!!

      If I mentioned how good those were you’d have everybody wanting to come round 🙂

      1. Other than his turning a blind eye to my obvious BBQ skillz, it really was a pleasure to meet Andy, and to get the opportunity to “show off” my collection. Its not often that I have someone round who has a real appreciation for the art of card collecting. Andy was kind enough to add a bunch of Tigers card to my hoard, including a wonderful Miguel Cabrera from his recently acquired Panini National Treasures box break. I’ve just been debatng with my mates on a long running Detroit Tigers mailing list that Cabrera is THE best hitter that I’ve ever seen in a Tigers uniform….and I have memories back to 1964!!!

        I’m really looking forward to contributing to “The Wax Fantastic”, and hope that I can turn a few of you UK collectors on to the wonders and joys of vintage cards.

  1. Sounds like you two hit it off. I can definitely relate to ‘showing off’ your collection as I have nobody who is remotely interested to show mine to, although mine would be nowhere near as impressive as Glenn’s. Apart from the long-suffering wife, of course. Might have to plan a trip to Caledonia myself…

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