…And On The Subject Of Vintage Cards

I just wanted to give a shout out to a fellow collector over in Texas who’s been around since the early days of ‘The Wax Fantastic’. Craig Parker is a collector of vintage Topps! A big collector with BIG collecting goals!!

Check out his latest blog post – My Lifetime Card Collection Project – where he outlines his grand collecting plan!

To be honest it’s an absolutely huge task he’s set himself, and when he finally completes it – WOW! It’ll be something to be truly proud of! Something he can pass down to his little boy – and any other little Parkers that might come along in the interim 🙂

But Craig needs your help tracking down those elusive cards to fill some of his gaps!!

If anyone reading this can help him then you can contact him through Twitter – @parker94ttu – or directly through the comments section to one of his blog posts!

In the immortal words of Dr Fraser Crane “Thanks for listening”!!


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