Mucho Machado

I’ve previously spoken at length about my failings as a player collector!

Try as I might I’ve always ended up getting frustrated at the speed (or lack of) that my collection grows at and I often have the age-old issue where I know deep down at the back of my mind I’ll never be able to put together a ‘complete’ player collection – or at least what passes for one in this era of minisculely serially numbered cards!

However my recent foray into the world of collecting Cardinals certified autos has given me a newfound perspective on the nature of collection – emphasising patience over speed, deferred gratification over immediacy!

And this ‘fresh’ way of collecting (for me at least) has meant that I’m going to take another stab at becoming a player collector again! And there’s one particular player who has recently caught my eye over all others – highly touted prospect and new Orioles third baseman, Manny Machado!

The Baltimore Orioles have a long and storied history of players who have presided over the ‘hot corner’, from one of the best defensive third baseman to ever play the game in Brooks Robinson, through to Robinsons successor Doug DeCines! Cal Ripken Jr moved over to third in the latter stages of his career and All-Star Melvin Mora took over the role throughout the 2000’s!

Going back even further to the days of the St Louis Browns you have Harlond Clift, Bob Dillinger and George Kell! That’s some pretty lofty company right there!

And now it’s Manny Machado’s turn to fill a pretty big ‘historical’ pair of shoes at third base for The Birds!

Now, I’ve spent a bit of time doing some background research into Machado in an attempt to find out more about him, and everything I’ve read so far points to him being a real old-school type of player, a rare thing for such a young talent!

In the ESPN article Manny Machado – A True Disciple of the Oriole Way Jerry Crasnick looks at Machado’s approach to the game and how he fits into the Oriole’s future plans. There are some great little stories in the article and it’s well worth a read. One of my favourites is from Adam Jones, in which he describes how Machado ups his defensive game and overall intensity if he is having a bad day at the plate!

That’s a refreshing attitude in a younger ballplayer, showing that the team and the game comes first! And it’s one of the things that drew me to him as a collector!

Given that 2013 is Machado’s rookie year most of his cards will be a little bit more expensive!

Here’s a look at what I’ve managed to get my hands on so far –

These three came from my recent Gypsy Queen Box Break with Kidder Cards and includes Machado’s base rookie card, his Glove Stories insert and a black mini parallel #’d/199

This one is a base rookie card from 2013 Topps Heritage. I love this card as it has the bonus of being Dylan Bundy’s rookie card too!!

The top card was purchased last week off eBay and is Manny Machado’s 2013 Topps Tribute rookie card! The image doesn’t do the card any justice at all as it’s simply stunning to look at!

It was purchased off eBay seller denjenniss11 who is an absolute star as far as I’m concerned as he also threw in the 2013 Topps Machado base rookie! Great seller!!

Last week I had this 2013 Bowman Autographed rookie in my sights, but unfortunately I was outbid on the little beauty at the very last minute! But one day you will be mine, my precious, one day you will be mine!!


So it goes without saying that I’m on the hunt for Manny Machado cards at the moment. I’ll be happy to do some trades and will soon have my ‘Trade Bait’ section of the blog completed so you have an idea of what I have available. If you’re interested in anything then let me know and we’ll sort out a deal!

Cheers, Andy


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