The 2013 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Review Hub

With Baseball card products dropping like every 10 minutes or something at the moment, we turn our attention to Topps’ latest high-end release, 2013 Museum Collection!

Now I’ve read a lot of people questioning the logic and business sense of releasing two high-end products so closely together (Tribute released last week) but great looking and really expensive cards are our crosses to bear, I guess!

This really is a set for Game-Used relic lovers as it’s crammed full of jersey swatch and patch cards, with a side-order of bat cards and autos thrown in for good measure!!

And the cards look absolutely beautiful this year! I loved the look of last years as well, by=ut Topps have really upped the ante this time around in the design department!!

Anyway, on with the reviews!

You know the drill by now!! I’ll scour the web, looking for product reviews and then post the links below, keeping them together in one nice and handy location!

So without further ado…

All About Cards

Trader Retreat

Bike Spokes and Shoe Boxes

140 Authentics


The Cards Infinity Video Break (starring Chris Justice)


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