Flying The Flag

Perhaps unsurprisingly there are very few Baseball card blogs in the UK.

As I write this I believe that ‘The Wax Fantastic’ is one of only three that I’d consider to be ‘active’ in the blogging community, and as there are so few of us I thought it was about time I let all you guys know about my fellow UK-based blogging peers!!

Firstly we have John Arnold and his Pursuit of 80’s(ness). John hails from Westgate-On-Sea down in Kent and, like myself, is a true child of the 80’s. ‘The Pursuit of 80’s(ness)’ is a Baseball card blog at its heart but John isn’t afraid to mix it up and throw in the occasional Pop Culture post every now and again either!

Although he doesn’t post as much as I’m sure he’d like, John’s blog is well worth a look. He’s a Red Sox fan and collector, and regularly updates his trades lists, so pop on over, you never know what gems you might find!

Secondly we have Martyn Heap and I Collect Ball Cards!! He used to run his blog as ‘Arbitrary Crap’ but he recently transferred everything over after I believe his original blog was externally compromised.

As with John, ‘I Collect Ball Cards’ is mainly a Baseball card blog but there is a strong emphasis on Football (US) as well. Martyn is a very regular poster and will often run mini-contests as well to give away some of his collection! There’s lots of content to go through and is well worth a look as well!!

And Martyn’s a Chris Getz collector – how many times have you heard anyone say THAT before?


So, there you go with the other two UK-based Baseball card blogs that I’m aware of! Maybe one day we’ll see some more regular blogs appear – who knows??

As an aside you might also want to check out Ash’s blog England Tribe which, although not specifically a Baseball card blog, is Ash’ tribute to the Cleveland Indians from a UK fans perspective!

And from a European point of view we have the following ball card blogs –

As you can see there are a few of us out there trying to rally UK and European collectors, so please give us all your support and continue to read our blogs! For those of you who do already you have my eternal gratitude!!

Spread the word and let’s see how many more we can get on board!!


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