They Might Be Giants

I’ve spoken recently about the boundless generosity displayed by my Baseball card collecting friends from all corners of the globe! It never ceases to amaze me the great depth of character and integrity that some collectors demonstrate when it comes to helping their fellow collectors!

I have to admit that while making a trade is an awesome way to pass around cards, arguably one of the cornerstones of the Hobby since sports cards were invented, I always get an even bigger buzz simply giving cards away. As long as I know that they’re going to a good and appreciative home then I’m more than happy to fill peoples wants lists wherever and whenever I can.

However I’ve recently been on the receiving end of other collector’s generosity!! A nice place to be, I can assure you!

I’ve already posted about the Cardinals autographs I received from my buddy James over in Alabama, gratefully welcomed into my PC!

But just before that particular package arrived I received two other separate envelopes, this time from north of the border up in Scotland! My good friend and vintage card collector, Glenn Codere, sent me these beauties, absolutely free of charge –

I’ve spoken with Glenn on many occasions about some of the great vintage insert sets that are available, and the giant cards from 1964 Topps Baseball have always been one of my favourites!

You can get some great cards from this set at a fraction of the price of their regular Topps singles, including cards of several top Hall of Famers including Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente and Hank Aaron!

So when these turned up completely out of the blue to say that it made my day would be something of an understatement! One day I’d like to think I’ll get a full set of these. I have had my eye on a Bob Gibson from this set on several occasions but never got round to hitting the ‘Buy It Now’ button!

So my thanks go out to Glenn for getting me started!

I wrote a short piece back in March about some of the other inserts that Topps added to their vintage Baseball releases, so please click on the link if you missed it the first time around!!

And for any collectors on this side of the Atlantic you might want to check out the Yahoo Group – UK Sports Cards – that Glenn set up late last year as an arena for all of us UK-based collectors to get together and swap ideas and stories!

And finally, here’s a recent article written about Glenn himself that found its way into the blog pages of The Tampa Tribune – Great Scot: Collecting from the UK can be fun, challenging.

Hey – Even I get a mention in it 🙂


5 thoughts on “They Might Be Giants

  1. A great pleasure to help you out, Andy. And it’ll be an even greater pleasure to see you go on and complete the set!!

  2. Congratulations on the heads-up and mention in the states, A feather in your cap and it must have added a few visits to the blog.
    I agree the 1964 Topps giants are just plain lovely.

    1. Who knows John, who knows?

      I meant to ask before but have you been in touch with Glenn and signed up to the Group?

      And great to see another entry on your blog! Have you got a list of what Heritage you need to complete the set?

      1. Yes, signed up today. I cannot for the life of me understand why I hadn’t signed up to this group before, I have so many cards looking for good homes.
        Yes the 2013 (and now 2012 Heritage) are on the Pursuit of Red Sox.

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