More ‘Cards’ Cards

The Royal Mail has been very kind to me recently, adding some wonderful examples into my newly formed collection of St Louis Cardinals certified autographed cards!

One of my favourite parts of collecting these cards is that so far it’s highlighted a number of players who I previously had no knowledge of, either as a Cardinal or even as a ballplayer!! This is especially true of players from the mid-90’s, and thanks to some of the earliest ‘mass’ autograph sets from Leaf and Donruss we have a great source of these types of Baseball stars.

Today I received three more cards that I wanted to share with you –

1996 Leaf Signature Extended

Tony Fossas

Tony Fossas, a specialist lefty reliever, played for seven different teams in an 11 year career, including a three year stretch with the Cards from 1995-97. Used primarily against dangerous left-handed hitters such as Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds and Mo Vaughn, Fossas had an unorthodox delivery, which made him well suited for his role, usually facing only one or two batters in each appearance

1996 Leaf Signature Extended

Mike Morgan

A former right-handed pitcher, Morgan competed for twelve different teams over his 25 year career, and is one of only 29 players in baseball history to date to have played Major League baseball over four decades, between 1978 and 2002). Upon his retirement, Morgan held the major league record for most teams played for, with 12 to his name, although this was recently surpassed in 2012 by Octavio Dotel

1996 Leaf Signature Extended

Tom Urbani

Tom Urbani only pitched in the majors for four seasons, between 1993 and 1996. He played for the Cardinals for the majority of this period but was traded to the Tigers towards the end of 1996. He ended his career in 1999 playing Baseball in Italy (throwing a Perfect Game for Rimini in 1999) and even played as part of the Italian national team!


And there you have it! Three pitchers plucked from the 90’s and linked by a common uniform!  All three fit nicely into my collection, bringing the total up to eight.

I’ve some more certified autographed cards that should be arriving very soon, including one of a very famous Cardinal Hall of Famer!

Stay tuned to find out just who it is!


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