2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Preview

It’s been awhile since Topps released a preview of an upcoming product, at least it does seem that way. There was a glut of releases just over a month ago and since then nothing – not a thing! And, out of the blue, this week Topps comes out swinging for the fences with an early look at 2013 Five Star Baseball.

Last years ridiculously high-end product is back and is looking, well, very similar to last years from the looks of things – albeit with a slightly different colour scheme, it has to be said!!

There’s not a lot I can really say about Five Star Baseball – it’s not really for me but the cards look pretty nice, it’s absolutely loaded with hits (in fact pretty much every card is a hit), and it will probably sell by the bucket load to collectors who love this type of product.

Take a look at the sell sheet right here to make your own mind up!

Hopefully Topps will have addressed the chipping issues that plagued last year’s Five Star Baseball, and if they do then they’ll have a bona fide smash on their hands, irrespective of the high price tag attached!

I’d sooner pick up a few singles myself if there are any that take my fancy, but overall (and as with last year’s release) I’ll probably ended up admiring Five Star Baseball from afar!!


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