Kidder Cards Gypsy Queen 3-Box Break – Pt. 2: The Cardinals

Ok then, time I put you out of your collective misery!

I’ve spent a couple of recent posts teasing my recent GQ Box Break from Kidder Cards and alluding to a very nice pull that I was lucky enough to get my hands on through said break!

So, here we finally are!! The big reveal is upon us as I give you – the St Louis Cardinals!

Again, for context, the break involved three unopened boxes of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen with all cards from the Orioles and the Cardinals coming to me!

Base Cards

28 Base cards containing the whole team set, not including SP cards. This includes two RC of young ace Shelby Miller! Not included in this picture is the base of Enos Slaughter as I originally thought he was a SP so didn’t include him!

Short Prints

Very pleased with these as I managed to get three out of the four SP – Stan Musial, Orlando Cepeda and Rick Ferrell. The only one missing is Adam Wainwright!


As with the O’s break I ended up with three base minis – Cepeda, Lynn and the RC mini of Shelby Miller

Variant Mini

Result!!! Two of my favourite Cardinals of all time – Stan ‘The Man’ and Bob Gibson!


Loads of inserts here!! A couple of Jon Jay ‘Glove Stories’ and Adam Wainwright ‘Dealing Aces’. Then add Ozzie Smith and Lou Brock ‘Sliding Stars’ for a bit of HOF respectability and we’re on to a winner!

Parallels & Mini Parallels

None 😦

But that’s just me being greedy!!

Certified Autograph

Now this is what I’m talking about!!! As I recently started a collection of Cardinals certified autos I couldn’t have been happier with this Matt Adams on-card auto! There are a fair few Cards autos in this set so I was hoping for one out of the three boxes and the break didn’t disappoint!


Well, what can I say? Really pleased with the Cardinals cards and, when added to the Orioles cards, I think I did pretty well out of the break!!

In fact, I’d even go as far to say that…………………..

Oh, wait just there a second!! I’m sure there’s something I’m missing!!

Mmmmm!!! What could it be???

Alright then! There was ONE more card that was pulled as part of the break!

Are you ready for it? You’ll have to scroll down a bit further if you want to find out!!!










Drum roll please!!!!










1 of 1 Yellow Printing Plate

Shelby Miller RC


There we go! Without a doubt my best ever pull, my first 1/1 and a rookie of one of the best young pitching prospects in the game today!!

How lucky am I?


To say I was pretty excited with the Miller plate would simply be emphasising my gift for understatement! I had a smile on my face all day when I woke up the morning after the break and saw that Kidder Cards had tweeted this little beauty!

The thing is now I have an interesting conundrum! As I noted above I collect Cardinals certified autographs, and while I can’t play down the awesomeness of owning this card I can’t help but wonder what it might fetch on eBay and, in turn, what autos I might get my hands on with the profits!

I’m leaning towards selling at the moment as I have my eye on a nice Stan Musial auto! I’ve got to admit that it’s a nice position to be in!

Hope you liked sharing my success with the break and thanks for taking the time to read!


5 thoughts on “Kidder Cards Gypsy Queen 3-Box Break – Pt. 2: The Cardinals

  1. Congratufu…

    Seriously mate, brilliant stuff. Would’ve been a nice haul without the plate. I reckon you’d have been happy if you’d only got the Gibson and Musial minis and then you luck out with an auto too! Never even seen a 1/1, never mind owned one. Cherry on top or what? Dead jealous.

    That said… SELL!!!

    (Incidentally, per my other posts, that guy pulled a yellow plate too. Maybe Gypsy Queen is the way forward!)

    1. It was a great selection and I couldn’t have been happier!!

      Chances are I’ve used up all my good fortune on this single break so realistically I shouldn’t do another one ever again… like EVER!! Doubt it’ll stop me though!

      This years GQ seems to be pretty loaded with stuff, more so than last year! Nice cards as well…

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