Kidder Cards Gypsy Queen 3-Box Break – Pt. 1: The Orioles

In my last post I promised to give you a breakdown of the cards I got in a recent break with Kidder Cards for Commons 4 Kids!

Ever the man of my word here’s the first of the two teams I chose – the Baltimore Orioles!

Just for context the break involved three unopened boxes of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen with all cards from the Orioles (and the Cardinals in Pt. 2) coming to yours truly!!

So without further ado, here’s what I got!

Base Cards

27 Base cards which I believe contains a whole team set. There were two Machado RC and a Bundy RC as well. No SP from the Orioles in the set so none to show you here!


Just three minis, including a duplicates of Jim Johnson and an Eddie Murray

Variant Mini

The ‘Iron Man’ himself!! Nice!!!


Two Manny Machado ‘Glove Stories’ and a Dylan Bundy ‘Dealing Aces’. I love that ‘Dealing Aces’ insert and may look at putting the whole set of those together!


Two Blue Paper Bordered parallels of Jim Palmer #’d 027/499 and Brooks Robinson #’d 304/499 – two great Hall of Famers! Very nice cards and straightforward enough set to put together with a bit of trading and digging around. The raised frame/borders do make this parallel stand out and give the card an extra dimension, which is always a plus. The blue is great but I do prefer the ‘Retail Only’ White Paper Bordered parallels!

Mini Parallels

A Manny Machado Black Bordered Mini RC #’d 050/199. A gorgeous little card this and the gold printing on the backs really looks great against the black of the card! And it’s a rookie parallel, which is always nice and makes it a bit more collectible!

Game-Used Relic

A Game-Used Jersey card of Nick Markakis, one of the two guaranteed relics found in each Gypsy Queen box. A great pull!


So, overall not a bad haul for what I paid for the slot. A nice cross-section of different card types and designs and those base cards look fantastic!

I didn’t like 2012 GQ as much as I did the 2011 release and my initial take on the 2013 product was that the brand was going in the wrong direction, but I have to admit how wrong I was. It’s a lovely looking set with the chance to pull some great looking cards – along with a few surprises along the way!

Hold on a sec!! No 1 of 1?!?!

Come back next time for the contents of my St Louis Cardinals break! You won’t be disappointed!!


3 thoughts on “Kidder Cards Gypsy Queen 3-Box Break – Pt. 1: The Orioles

  1. Tease! Love that Machado mini. Seems like you did fairly well. Can’t wait for part deux! I’ve picked up the framed parallels of Braun and Greinke from the past couple of years. Nice cards.

    On a related note, did you ever come across a guy from London who used to blog as ‘threepointplay’? If not… as the name suggests he was a basketball collector but he’d moved into baseball and bought a hobby box of 2012 GQ. Jammy git only went and pulled a Trout printing plate! His was the first UK blog I’d encountered when I got back into the hobby and I really enjoyed it. He was kinda like me in that he hated relics, slabbed cards etc. Wish I’d posted on there now to let him know he was appreciated. Be sure, I’ll not make the same mistake twice and will continue to post on yours!

  2. Addendum and errata!

    Love the Machado despite having a ban on minis!

    Ran a quick search on the Blowout forum for threepointplay and he’s not posted on there since July either. Hope he’s well.

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