The Postman Always Rings… Several Times!

I’ve been pretty blessed this week as Chez Bates has been deluged with small jiffy envelopes and packages lovingly delivered by the great British Postie!!

On Monday I received a small package of cards that I’d purchased off eBay, containing 19 of the 25 Rookie cards from 2013 Topps Heritage! I spotted the lot a few days before it was due to end, popped it into my watched items and pounced in at the last minute.

Fortunately for me there was no other interest so I ended up picking up all 19 for $0.99!! Bargain!!!

Here are 16 of the 19 –

To be perfectly honest I’d have been happy enough with all these for just under a dollar, but then when you add these three into the mix the deal becomes just a little bit sweeter –

Very happy with that little selection, and postage was only about $4.00 so a nice haul there at a very reasonable price!!

In case you were wondering, these are the six cards that I need to finish the Rookie set –

#94 Henry Rodriguez/Tony Cingrani RC
#107 Brian Omogrosso/Deunte Heath RC
#201 Manny Machado/Dylan Bundy RC
#226 Steven Lerud/Luis Antonio Jimenez RC
#287 A.J. Ramos/Rob Brantly RC
#398 Jeurys Familia/Collin McHugh RC

If anyone out there has got any of those that they’re happy to part with please let me know and we’ll try and sort something out!!


Tuesday and Wednesday saw two more packages arrive, this time courtesy of the recent 3-Box break of 2013 Gypsy Queen that I took part in through Kidder Cards!

Regular readers might remember me mentioning that this was the first ever organised break that I’d ever gotten involved in and the results were – actually, no, I’ll leave the results for another post which is just around the corner!

I paid for two teams in the 3-Box break, the Baltimore Orioles and the St Louis Cardinals, and I’ve now gotten round to sorting them out and taking some pictures. If you want to find out what I got then you’ll have to come back and see!! Trust me, it’s worth the wait!!

Tell you what, why don’t I give you a little teaser of what to expect –

How’s that grab you??

See you again soon!!!


One thought on “The Postman Always Rings… Several Times!

  1. So you’d already teased the 1 of 1? Outrageous! Post the damn thing already! 🙂

    Excellent deal you got on those Heritage. The Miller and Profar combos are both selling for a buck apiece on COMC so you definitely got a steal. The Machado/Bundy has a BV of $8 so it’s worth about what you paid for the others including postage!

    I have to say I’m not a fan of multi-player cards, in general. I definitely prefer to see rookies from the same team paired than two stars from different ones. Arguably my favourite card is Paul Molitor’s RC and that has four players on it (including 3 non-Brewers polluting my collection!) so I’m certainly not poo-pooing them altogether. Now, if only those BBWAA idiots would elect Alan Trammell to the HOF…

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