Prizm Baseball Goes ‘Out with the new’ and ‘In with the old’

Ok, that “Out with the new” comment might not be completely true, but after checking over the images from Panini’s new Prizm Baseball gallery I got quite excited to see some card images featuring retired ball players and Hall of Famers!

I’ve been labouring under the misconception for sometime that Prizm was all about ‘the modern’! Modern ballplayers, on modern Baseball cards, created using modern technology!

Little did I know that we’d be seeing cards like the ones below included in the product –

Love that shot of Mr Cub!!

Naturally, given my propensity to gravitate towards cards of the older players, this immediately piqued my interest. I have to admit I’d love to see some of the Prizm versions of these cards!!

It also looks as if Panini has captured some great ‘full-shot’ images of the players without their team names or uniform logos, thereby keeping in-line with their MLBPA license and without infringing on Topps’ exclusive MLB license. They did a similar thing last year with their Cooperstown Collection and it shows a nice level of creativity from the Panini card designers given the restrictions that they have to work around!

Given the variety of old-school players that Panini has put in previous Baseball products, such as the aforementioned Cooperstown Collection and the more recent National Treasures, I’m hoping that there’s a great checklist in store for us! Maybe even some black and white images?? They’d look absolutely amazing on the this type of card!

And don’t worry – it’s not all about the old timers!! You’ll still get your fill of all of Baseball’s current marquee names –

Happy with that 🙂


I’m really hoping that Prizm Baseball is a success for Panini, giving them another feather in the cap of their ever expanding Baseball card portfolio!

Ultimately I think it will depend on whether collectors are happy to embrace the idea of non-MLB licensed cards as part of their collections! You can’t fault Panini on the actual look and design of the card, so I guess time will tell how successful the release will be. However I understand that Prizm Baseball has pretty much sold out at the retailer level already so we may have our answer right there!

2012 Panini Prizm Baseball is set for release on the 17th April 2013. Each Hobby box contains 20 packs with 6 cards per pack, as well as two autographs and three Prizm cards!


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