The Evolution of Baseball Cards

I love Twitter. I never expected to, but I have to admit that Twitter has been instrumental in helping me get this blog off the ground and out to a worldwide audience. Seriously, I’ve had readers from as far afield as Aruba, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, and even Guam!!

I’ll say that again – “even Guam”!!!


Obviously I have to take all things with the proverbial ‘pinch of salt’. For all I know people might have stumbled across ‘The Wax Fantastic’ thinking it was some sort of fetish blog themed around acts of sexual deviancy involving candles (I’ve not checked yet but I’m sure there are some –, – that sort of thing)! But for the most part I like to think that most people turn up on a semi-regular basis for a slice of irreverent and tongue-in-cheek Baseball card related fun!

Hold on, where was I? Talk about going off on a tangent!!

Ahh yes, ‘Twitter’!

One of the best things I find about Twitter is that it’s a great resource for information! Depending on who you follow (and assuming that who you do follow is linked to the Hobby in some way) you can pick up some real gems of randomness that might not ordinarily cross your path.

Take the image below for instance!

This was found by the guys at Sports Card Collectors buried away on the website American Collectors Insurance, and is a lovely little graphic that gives us a brief history of the Hobby we all know and love!

Evolution Of Baseball Cards

How cool is that?

I’ll keep my eye out for little titbits like this and post about them every now and then. I’m constantly amazed by the wealth of articles and information that’s out there about Baseball cards, stuff I never had a clue about and would probably never know about if not for the great community on Twitter!

After all, life isn’t just about the latest card set to hit the streets, is it? Looking into the past of our great Hobby can be just as much fun as looking forward to the future! The significance of the history of Baseball card collecting shouldn’t be underestimated or played down! What has come before has helped shape (for better or worse) where we are now, and that’s something that should resonate with collectors all over the world!

Even those in Guam! 🙂


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