Charity Away From Home

In a post earlier today I espoused the advantages of Twitter and how it’s helped me turn ‘The Wax Fantastic’ into something more than I ever expected it to be!

I also mentioned that it’s help me become aware of numerous aspects of the Hobby that were, up to that point in time, completely unknown to me. One of these was the concept of the organised box/case break!

These have been growing in popularity for some time and provide an excellent way of getting hold of the cards of your favourite team (or random team depending on the type of break you choose) for a much cheaper price than a full box!

In fact I bought into my first break recently through Kidder Cards which is due to run this very night. There will be a separate report on that very soon but the main reason I started this particular post is related to something that came off the back of this break.

I’ve been aware for some time of a Twitter user @Commons4Kids who donates common cards to charity. And that was about all I knew about him/her in all honesty!

As it happens the Kidder Cards break that I bought into was set up to donate all of their net profits to Commons for Kids (C4K) – which is what in turn caught my interest! So I decided to did a bit deeper and found these two articles from Sports Card Collector. Give them a read as they give you a great idea what C4K is all about –

Commons for Kids: Kentucky Collector Doing His Own “Million Card Giveaway”

Commons for Kids Triples Donated Cards in 5 Weeks

The brainchild of Jerry Milburn, C4K is a non-profit organisation (although not ‘official’ in the eyes of the IRS for tax exemption purposes) that he originally set up with the intention of reaching a million cards donated and passed on to charitable causes for children. As it stands now Jerry has donated over 1.5 million commons, and the number is constantly climbing.


What I think Jerry is doing is an awesome idea!

Taking something that a number of collectors might not necessarily have time for in their own PCs and turning it into something that will hopefully benefit young children is one of the noblest of causes in our Hobby, in my opinion! For all we know, these donations could well be inspiring the collectors of tomorrow, helping to keep our Hobby alive and thriving into the next generation!

Also, it flies in the face of the whole ‘big hit’ mentality and concentrates instead on those base cards that made the Hobby great in the first place, which can only be a good thing if you ask me!

The main reason I’ve written this is to bring C4K to the attention of collectors outside the US and Canada, and hopefully start to raise more awareness of what Jerry and his his wife are trying to do. I don’t know if they’ve had many donations from international collectors but why not start here?! I’m sure your common cards would be gratefully received, wherever in the world they come from!

And consider ultimately who they’re for and who they will reach!

So next time you’re looking at your own PC and wondering how you can make a few changes here and there – maybe do a bit of streamlining – please spare a thought for Jerry and his wife, and remember what they’re trying to achieve. Maybe as an alternative to putting a whole lot of cards on eBay, you could see fit to send a few over to Kentucky instead, where they will reach a different home altogether!

I think that it’s a great opportunity to give something back to a Hobby that has given us all so much in the past!

Go visit the website for further details and read through the FAQs, and some of Jerry’s blog posts. This will give you an idea of his goals and achievements – all in his own words!

Thanks for your time!!


One thought on “Charity Away From Home

  1. I took part in a 3 box Kiddercards break for C4K a month ago. The break was well run, well organized and bunch of fun. And most of us just took one of the cards we pulled for out team and had the dupes sent to C4K. Made it worthwhile

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