Dark Confessions of a Player Collector

OK, I hold my hands up, I added the ‘dark’ bit in there to add a bit of mystery to the proceedings!! Made you look though didn’t it 😉

However I did want to take a few moments to draw your attention to recent article from Braves fan and Baseball card collecting aficionado, Mr Chris Mays! In it Chris shares his thoughts and experiences on the highs and lows of player collecting!

Now, I’ve said this like a million times before,  I’m NO player collector! I wish I was!! I like nothing more than the idea of actively pursuing one or more players cards, trying to amass a collection that pays homage to some of the best (in the collectors eyes at least) in the game!

But the completist in me won’t allow this under any circumstances, primarily for the reasons that Chris goes into in his post! It would drive me absolutely crazy knowing that all those ridiculously low numbered parallels and hard to find/expensive inserts exist out there that I’ll never the get the chance to add to my own player collection.

There’s no way that I’ll ever be able to come to terms with this (believe me I’ve tried and it all ends in frustration and hair pulling), so for my own sanity and peace of mind I given up on the idea completely! And it took me awhile but I’m finally cool with it!

That said I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration (and a small amount of envy) for player collectors like Chris, for being able to achieve something that I’m not able to! You’re all better people than I am, and for that I salute you!

Collecting Your Favourite Players

That’s the link to Chris’ article, please give it some of your valuable time – as always, it makes for a great read!


5 thoughts on “Dark Confessions of a Player Collector

    1. Hey Sooz.

      I couldn’t agree more. That’s that mindset I always wanted to get myself in as a player collector but just couldn’t get there!

      My geography works against me as well as living in the UK puts severe restrictions on the availability of the cards themselves. No LCS, no big card shows… Just ebay and the other usual outlets! Even these carry their own issues, usually revolving around extra costs for postage. and so on!

      However I’ve now settled on St Louis Cardinals certified autos and I feel as if I’ve found my collecting ‘happy place’…

      It also gives my a great chance to revisit some older sets and lesser known/remembered ball players!

      I feel like I’ve finally come of age 🙂

  1. When I came back to the hobby last year, this is one of the debates I had as well. I am also one to focus on completing things. It even makes set building difficult sometimes, for example, do I want to chase all these Heritage subsets? It was quite a shock for me to discover that my 100+ unique Nolan Ryan cards, which made me an incredible collector in 1989, were not even 10% of what exists, and, as you say, I can never get some of those.

    That all being said, I do find it fun to collect some players still. My family enjoyed our local AAA team (another advantage for the U.S. collector) last year, and our center fielder, Starling Marte. Since he wasn’t called up until August, it made it easy to get many of his cards, even some 1/1’s. After his first MLB at-bat ended in a home run, it got a little more difficult, but still not outrageous. Many of his low serial cards can be had for the same or less than a typical hobby box. So, if one were to collect a player, I would recommend starting early!

    1. Hey Jim!

      I like Marte myself, so good choice. I drafted him in a couple of my fantasy teams this year.

      And I agree, starting early is the way to go.

      I really got drawn into prospecting late last year, although I soon realised that I didn’t have the financial clout to properly do it justice.

      But I became aware of all these exciting young players coming through and I almost started with a Kevin Gausman/Michael Wacha collection.

      It didn’t really get off the ground but I didn’t lose too much sleep over it in the end.

      The closest I’ve ever come was when I almost started up an Andrew McCutchen collection last summer! Fantastic talent!!

      But now I’ve gravitated back to the Cardinals, and we’ll see how things go from here.


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