The New PC Begins Here!

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about how I planned to start a new PC made up of Cardinals certified autographed cards! You can find it here if you wanted a refresh!

Well, I’m pleased to announce that the first card has arrived to kickstart my collection in the form of the current Cardinals closer –

2011 Topps Lineage 1952 Autographs

Jason Motte

It’s a lovely looking card with a nice sharp auto!! A nice way to start things off!!

My thanks go out to a fellow Cardinal collector over here in the UK (of all places), Jeff Vernon. Jeff sent me the Motte in exchange for a few non-Baseball mini inserts from 2012 A&G that he needed to fill out his own collection! And did he stop with just the Motte auto?

Hell no!!

He even through in a few extra Cardinals cards that he had spare, so thank you Jeff for the great gesture!!

I’ve got a few more autographed cards on there way from eBay, so more on those as and when they arrive!!


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