The 2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball Review Hub

Time to start up a new Review Hub, but this time we turn our attention away from Topps and onto Panini’s recently released ‘Triple Play Baseball’.

Very much an entry-level product ‘Triple Play’ is aimed primarily at children and those ‘grown up’ collectors who are after something different and a bit quirky! Rather than the usual photography ‘Triple Play’ goes for unique illustrations from several different artists! Hands done there’s not another set on the market like it!!

I won’t give you a complete breakdown here but to read more about what’s in store for you if you click here for the product’s sell sheet or click on this link to take you to Panini’s Illustrated Gallery.

As always the links will appear below, with more appearing as and when the reviews pop up online!!

Panini Unwrapped

The Sports Card Guy


I have to admit I quite like Triple Play as a basic set, primarily because it IS different! It certainly won’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ and it’s difficult to gauge how seriously collectors actually take it as a Baseball card product. But for me it ticks all the relevant boxes and works brilliantly within the demographic that it’s aimed at!



2 thoughts on “The 2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball Review Hub

  1. I am definitely a fan of the Triple Play, very similar to last years outing but still, I will try to collect the base set again.

    1. If you get hold of a box and post about it I’ll make sure I include the link here!!

      I need to include your blaster break from Heritage as well!!

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